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Bruno Dog Kennel

Product description

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Size S: 51 x 75 x 59 cm (L x W x H)
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Size M: 60 x 90 x 68 cm (L x W x H)
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Size L: 74.5 x 115 x 83 cm (L x W x H)
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Product description

Collapsible dog kennel made with untreated wood from sustainable forestry, individually adaptable and with separate pet door. It doubles up as a piece of furniture and is available in different sizes.
The Bruno Dog Kennel is as individual as your dog itself!
This stable dog kennel can be used as a retreat for various different breeds, as well as doubling up as a cupboard or table.
The Bruno Dog Kennel is made of natural wood from sustainable forestry and can be individually and creatively assembled to meet your needs. You can even paint the Bruno Dog Kennel to make it a truly unique retreat for your dog! If you treat the wood, it can even be placed in a weather-protected area outside as a handy outdoor kennel.
An additional benefit of the Bruno Dog Kennel is that it is extremely simple to assemble, with pre-assembled walls that just need a floor and roof adding before being placed wherever you desire.
If you wish to take your dog’s Bruno Dog Kennel with you when you go on holiday, it can be easily collapsed, then stored and transported in a space-saving manner. It features a cat flap insert with round opening, so that the Bruno Dog Kennel can also act as a cosy home for your cat.

Bruno Dog Kennel at a glance:
  • Indoor dog kennel made from wood, for dogs of all breeds
  • Can also be used as a cupboard, table or bench
  • Made with natural wood from sustainable forestry: you can be sure that the wood used in this product is from environmentally friendly forestry
  • Can be individually coloured: to fit in with your own personal preferences – the sky is the limit!
  • Easy and quick to assemble: delivered assembled, easy to put together with no tools
  • Stable build: can hold up to 60kg
  • For outdoor use: can be treated with wood lacquer and placed in a space protected from the weather
  • Collapsible: space-saving to store and transport, ideal for camping or holidays
  • Can be used as a cat house: includes a cat flap insert with round opening
  • Material: wood (untreated pinewood)
  • Colour: natural
Sizing table for Bruno Dog Kennel:
Outer dimensions: L x W x H
51 x 75 x 59 cm
60 x 90 x 68 cm
74.5 x 115 x 83 cm
Inner dimensions: L x W x H
45 x 70 x 45.3 cm
54 x 85 x 54.3 cm
68.5 x 110 x 68.8 cm
Floor clearance:
Wall thickness:
Entrance: W x H
24 x 34.1 cm
33 x 42 cm
38 x 55.2 cm
Entrance: diameter
56.5 x 75 x 15 cm
65.5 x 90 x 15 cm
80 x 115 x 15 cm

Tip: in order to ensure your dog feels particularly at home, it is recommended to place a soft blanket or cuddly bed inside.

Important for outdoor use: the kennel should not be so big that your dog’s body heat is not sufficient enough to maintain an acceptable level of warmth inside of it. If the house is too big, your dog runs the risk of freezing.

Please note: Without care, timber will dry out and can become brittle, warped or shabby. Please ensure your pet home is regularly cleaned and treated. We recommend treating dens and kennels that will be used outside with wood care and impregnating products. Always make sure products used are suitable and harmless for pets. Placing the pet home in a sheltered spot will also help to reduce wear.
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