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Almo Nature Holistic Large Adult Dog - Lamb & Rice

Product description

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Product description

Complete dog food from Almo Nature with plenty of fresh lamb and wholegrain rice for adult dogs, balanced nutrition with beneficial vitamins and minerals
Almo Nature Holistic Lamb & Rice is a complete feed with an especially delicious taste for adult dogs of large breeds. Almo Nature Holistic Lamb and Rice provides optimal nutrition by being adapted to the natural dietary needs of the carnivore dog. Frequent changes in feed or intolerances can sensitise the digestive process of large dogs. The results are impaired nutrient utilisation and problems in the stomach and intestinal area. Sensitive dogs should therefore be fed a dog food containing only the best ingredients.

Due to their body structure, large dogs' teeth are wider apart than those of their smaller friends. Food leftovers and bacteria can create tartar and damage your dog's teeth and gums. Large kibble, perfectly adjusted to the size of the dog denture, can support a strengthening of the chewing muscles and facilitate food intake.

Your dog needs vitamins and minerals to create a healthy skin and glossy coat nourished from within. Natural ingredients in this food ensure firm and robust skin and strong, shiny fur.

Only the best ingredients are used in the manufacturing of Almo Nature Holistic Adult Lamb & Rice. Almo Nature never uses additives such as artificial flavourings or preservatives. The food is preserved with the use of exclusively natural antioxidants.

Almo Nature Holistic Adult Large Lamb & Rice at a glance:

  • Dog food for large adult dogs
  • Optimal kibble size
  • Fresh lamb
  • High-quality rice
  • Balanced calcium/phosphorus ratio
  • Natural antioxidants ensure shelf life and stability
  • With neutraceutical mixture for beneficial effects on health
    ◊ Alfalfa for the intake of essential minerals
    ◊ Grape seed extract supports general well-being
    ◊ Calendula ensures healthy skin and a shiny coat

Almo Nature Holistic Lamb & Rice is the perfect diet for dogs of large breeds. The packaging is equipped with a freshness seal.


Meat and animal by-products (26% fresh lamb), cereals (14% rice), vegetable protein extracts, vegetable by-products (0.1% inulin from chicory, a source of FOS), oils and fats, yeast, minerals, mannan-oligosaccharide, glucosamine, chondroitin sulphate.

Additives per kg:
Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (22,000 IU), vitamin D3 (1400 IU), vitamin E (300mg), vitamin B1 (12mg), vitamin B2 (14mg), calcium-D-pantothenate (20mg), vitamin B6 (12mg), vitamin B12 (0.15mg), biotin (0.5mg), niacin (25mg), folic acid (1mg), L-carnitine (500mg), copper sulphate pentahydrate (32mg), copper chelate from amino acid hydrate (33mg), calcium iodate granulate anhydrous (1.64mg), zinc sulphate monohydrate (222mg), zinc chelate from amino acid hydrate (267mg), manganese sulphate monohydrate (20mg), organic selenium (80mg).

Analytical constituents

protein 26.0 %
fat 13.0 %
fibre 2.5 %
ash 9.9 %
calcium 1.7 %
phosphorus 1.0 %
magnesium 0.11 %
moisture 9.0 %
omega-3 fats 0.27 %
omega-6 fats 1.7 %
calories that can be burned 3670.0 kcal

Feeding guide

Feeding recommendation:

Almo Nature Holistic Adult Large Lamb & Rice is a complete feed.

Weight Daily ration
30 - 40 kg 290 - 380 g
40 - 50 kg 380 - 450 g
> 50 kg > 450 g g

Actual feeding amounts depend on your dog's age, breed, activity levels and other circumstances. Monitor your dog's weight and adjust feeding amounts as required. Daily amounts should be offered spread over two portions a day. Fresh water should be provided at all times.

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