Josera MiniJunior
Josera MiniJunior

Josera MiniJunior

Gluten-free, highly digestible dry food for small breed puppies from 3 weeks of age, with duck and salmon to promote the development of healthy brain and muscles as well as combatting plaque build up....further information

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4.5kg (5 x 900g)
(€6.11 / kg)

Gluten-free, highly digestible dry food for small breed puppies from 3 weeks of age, with duck and salmon to promote the development of healthy brain and muscles as well as combatting plaque build up.

Josera MiniJunior offers delicious kibble pieces packed full of energy to help your puppy through this important initial growth phase. The food has been specially adapted to meet the needs of growing small breed puppies from the age of 3 weeks. It contains delicious, high quality animal protein from duck and salmon, promoting the formation of a strong, lean muscles. Valuable fatty acids help promote the development of brain function. This premium dry food from Germany is completely gluten-free, making it well tolerated even by dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Made with the best ingredients and prebiotic inulin from chicory, Josera MiniJunior contains valuable nutrition that contributes to balanced digestion and intake of nutrients. The extra small kibble size is perfectly designed for small breed dogs with smaller mouths. In addition, a special formula strengthens the binding of calcium in saliva and reduces the risk of plaque forming on your dog's teeth. Taurine and L-carnitine, which are added to the recipe, are important nutrients that promote strong, healthy heart function. This dry food is topped off with a variety of valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements, creating a delicious dry food that provides an ideal supply of the vital nutrients needed to give your small breed puppy the best start in life!

Josera MiniJunior at a glance:

  • High quality dry food for small breed puppies, aged 3 weeks and over, and also suitable for small breed adult dogs
  • Supports optimal development during the growth phase
  • Gluten-free: also suitable for dogs with sensitive stomachs
  • With 23% duck & 4% salmon: aromatic & tasty source of valuable animal protein, supporting the formation of a strong, lean muscle mass
  • Plaque prevention: recipe enhances the binding of calcium in the saliva, reducing the risk of tooth plaque formation
  • With valuable fatty acids: promotes the healthy development of brain function
  • Easily digestible: thanks to the best ingredients and the prebiotic inulin from chicory
  • With L-carnitine & taurine: for a strong heart
  • Balanced recipe: adapted to meet the needs of small breed puppies, with vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • Small kibble size: ideal for the jaw size of smaller breeds
  • With New Zealand green-lipped mussel: supports supple joints
  • High acceptance: with the best ingredients, including plenty of aromatic duck & salmon
  • Made in Germany: sustainably produced and quality controlled in-house at the Josera laboratory
  • Free from: wheat, soya and GMOs, as well as artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives
  • Aroma protection: resealable pouch preserves the taste and valuable nutrients
Dried duck protein (23%), rice, dried potato, poultry fat, potato protein, beet pulp, dried salmon (4%), hydrolysed poultry protein, carob flour, minerals (0.35%), sodium tripolyphosphate, hydrolysed animal protein, yeast, herbs, fruits, ground chicory root (source of inulin), dried meat from New Zealand green-lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus).

Additives per kg:
Nutrional physiological additives:
Vitamin A (24,000 IU), vitamin D3 (1800 IU), vitamin E (220mg), vitamin C [as ascorbic monophosphate, calcium-sodium-salt] (200mg), vitamin B1 (15mg), vitamin B2 (20mg), vitamin B6 (20mg), vitamin B12 (100mcg), pantothenic acid (50mg), niacin (90mg), folic acid (5mg), L-carnitine (200mg), taurine (1000mg), biotin (1000mcg), iron [ferrous-(II)-sulphate monohydrate] (220mg), zinc [glycin zinc chelate hydrate] (160mg), manganese [manganese-(II)-oxide] (18mg), copper [glycin copper chelate hydrate] (20mg), iodine [calcium iodate] (2.2mg), selenium [sodium selenite] (0.3mg).
Technological additives:
Antioxidants: natural extracts rich in tocopherol.

Feeding recommendation

Josera MiniJunior is a complete food for small breed puppies.


Weight of dog1 – 2 months3 – 4 months5 – 6 months7 – 8 months8 months – adult
2kg25 - 45g40 - 55g50 - 65g55 - 60g35 - 50g
4kg35 - 75g70 - 90g85 - 105g90 - 100g60 - 85g
6kg35 - 90g85 - 110g100 - 125g115 - 120g65 - 90g
8kg40 - 110g105 - 135g130 - 170g155 - 160g70 - 110g
10kg50 - 120g110 - 140g135 - 175g140 - 165g85 - 130g


It is recommended to reduce the amount of food if your dog is overweight for its age.

Your dog will still receive sufficient nutrients with smaller portion sizes.