Optimanova Medium Adult Chicken & Rice
Optimanova Medium Adult Chicken & Rice
Optimanova Medium Adult Chicken & Rice
Optimanova Medium Adult Chicken & Rice

Optimanova Medium Adult Chicken & Rice

Complete single-protein dry food for adult medium breed dogs, with 65% meat, including 35% fresh meat, promotes healthy teeth, skin and fur. With prebiotics, DPA & DHA...further information
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Product description

Complete single-protein dry food for adult medium breed dogs, with 65% meat, including 35% fresh meat, promotes healthy teeth, skin and fur. With prebiotics, DPA & DHA

Optimanova Medium Adult Chicken & Rice only contains quality, natural ingredients and has been designed to meet the nutritional needs of adult medium-sized dogs aged 12 months +. Optimanova Medium Adult Chicken & Rice dry kibble has a particularly high percentage meat content (65%). Chicken is the single source of protein making the food very easily digestible and unlikely to cause a reaction. The chicken comes from carefully selected human-grade producers.

Optimanova’s high-tech manufacturing systems allow fresh meat to be included in this dog food. 35% of the chicken contained in the food is processed in this way, which leads to lower denaturation of the proteins, and maintains its first-class quality. These modern processes and gentle drying at low temperatures also help to preserve more of the flavour, nutrients and vitamins.

If you feed your dog Optimanova Medium Adult Chicken & Rice, you’ll be giving your pet a diet that contains the optimal combination of nutrients, trace elements and vitamins for medium-breed dogs to keep their bodies in balance. The added vitamins and minerals can support a strong immune system and the function of the vital organs. Prebiotics like FOS and MOS help to create balanced gut flora. An extra portion of zinc, combined with essential fatty acids help the skin to regenerate and help to maintain a glossy coat. Calcium and phosphorus ensure that tartar formation is reduced, which also reduces the chances that your dog will suffer from bad breath.

The food is cooked in its own meat juices and the kibble is left to stew in the broth, so that it can soak up all of the nutrients and flavours of the natural ingredients. This producet is free from GM ingredients and also free from artificial colourings, flavourings and preservatives.

Optimanova Medium Adult Chicken & Rice at a glance:

  • Premium dry food for medium-breed dogs aged 12 months +
  • Mono-Protein: With easily digested chicken as the single protein source – suitable for dogs with food allergies or intolerances
  • 65% meat: 35% fresh meat processed using an up-to-the minute manufacturing technique, 25% dehydrated meat, 5% hydrolysed chicken liver
  • Freshness & Quality: Selected ingredients from 100% natural sources, and food-grade meat from selected farms
  • Modern production: Unique, high-tech yet gentle manufacturing process for fresh meat preserves vitamins and other nutrients
  • Free from wheat and other gluten-containing grains: Highly accepted and easy to digest
  • Dental hygiene: Calcium and Phosphorus can reduce tartar and bad breath
  • Skin and coat formula: Extra portions of zinc and fatty acids help to maintain healthy skin and a shiny coat
  • Immunity: The combination of DHS and EPA Omega-3 fatty acids helps in the development of the nervous system, immune system, and heart-lung function, and can also have an anti-cancer effect
  • Digestive health: Rice, plus cassava extract and the prebiotics FOS and MOS can help to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and promote good bacteria in the gut – creating a balanced gut flora
  • Natural Defences/b>: Vitamin A, Biotin and zinc combine to have a positive effect on the lungs and mucous membranes in the guit, as well as skin and coat, and they can also strengthen the dog’s immune system
  • Body balance: Balanced metabolism and balanced body functions thanks to selected ingredients and careful formulation
  • Especially tasty: Cooked in its own meat juices, to make the food especially savoury and tasty
  • No artificial flavourings, colourings or preservatives
  • GM Free: No GM ingredients


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Fresh chicken meat (35%), ground chicken meat (25%), rice (15%), chicken oil, hydrolysed chicken liver (5%), rice protein, yeast, sugar beet meal, fish oil, sodium chloride, sodium polyphosphate (0.3%), potassium chloride, inulin (500 mg/kg-FOS), mannan-oligosaccharide (130mg/kg), cassava extract.

Nutritional additives /kg:
Vitamin A (18000 IU), vitamin D (1800 IU), vitamin E (250mg), vitamin C (100mg), biotine (3.4mg), iron [sulphate-monohydrate] (68mg), iodine [potassium iodide] (3.2mg), copper [sulphate-pentahydrate] (9mg), manganese [sulphate-monohydrate] (6.8mg), zinc [oxide] (135mg), selenium [sodium selenite] (0.1mg), L-Carnitine (70mg), taurine (30mg).
Technological additives:
Preserved with natural antioxidants (tocopherols).

Analytical constituents

protein26.0 %
fat16.0 %
fibre2.5 %
ash8.0 %
calcium1.35 %
phosphorus0.95 %
DHA fatty acid770.0 mg/kg

Feeding guide

Feeding Guidelines

Optimanova Medium Adult Chicken & Rice is a complete dry food for dogs.

Dog’s weight reduced activity levels normal activity levels increased activity levels
10kg 144g 167g 205g
12kg 166g 192g 235g
14kg 186g 215g 264g
16kg 205g 238g 292g
18kg 224g 260g 319g
20kg 243g 281g 345g
22kg 261g 302g 371g
24kg 278g 322g 396g
26kg 296g 342g 420g