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Tetra Holiday
Tetra Holiday
Tetra Holiday

Tetra Holiday

A gel food block for all ornamental fish...further information
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3 x 30 g
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Product description

A gel food block for all ornamental fish

Tetra Holiday offers tropical aquarium fish all important nutrients for up to 14 days including the patented BioActive formula from Tetra for the long and healthy life of your fish.

Tetra Holiday at a glance:

  • Healthy food for up to 14 days
  • Patented formula containing tasty daphnia, essential vitamins, trace elements and minerals
  • Does not cloud or contaminate the water
  • Easy to dispense


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Molluscs and crustaceans (daphnia 7%), algae, yeast.

Preservatives, colouring.

Analytical constituents

protein3.0 %
fat0.1 %
fibre1.5 %
moisture90.0 %

Feeding guide

Feeding Guidelines:
Complementary feed for ornamental fish.
Remove the freshness seal and push the block out of the bowl into the aquarium. The number of blocks depends on the number and size of fish, length of absence and aquarium size. Feeding instructions: see table. The specified quantity of fish in the table refers to an average size of fish of 3-6 cm.

Feeding Table:

Days Aquarium <60l
Fish 5-15
Aquarium 61-120l
Fish 10-30
Aquarium 121-200l
Fish 20-50
< 7 1/2 Block 1 Block 1-2 Blocks
< 14 1 Block 2 Blocks 3 Blocks