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Tetra Test 6 in 1 Water Test Strips

Product description

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Product description

These 6 in 1 strips from Tetra are the fast and easy way to determine water quality. You can test the 6 most important values: general and carbonate hardness, nitrite, nitrate, pH value and chlorine.
Tetra Test 6 in 1 Water Test Strips facilitate fast and precise checking of the 6 most important water values in your aquarium. The correct water values are vital since incorrect levels can lead to stress and illness for your fish.

The water testing strips test the following 6 values:

  • General hardness
  • Carbonate hardness
  • Nitrites (NO2)
  • Nitrates (NO3)
  • Chlorine (Cl2)
  • pH-levels

Tetra Test 6 in 1 Water Test Strips produce accurate results, but are only intended as a quick test - for a more comprehensive water analysis we recommend a drop test.


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