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Bunny Bedding Absorber

Product description

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Product description

Low dust bedding base for small pet cages, highly absorbent, absorbs liquids and retains odours well, natural and biodegradable, easy to use, suitable for use with all types of bedding

It is important for bedding to be clean and dry for rabbits, guinea pigs and other small pets to feel as happy as can be. The Bunny Bedding Absorber is specially designed to absorb liquids and to make sure that bedding stays dry for a long time.

This low dust bedding base is made from natural materials (straw pellets, soft wood granules, pine heartwood) and is biodegradable. The Bunny Bedding Absorber is highly absorbent and reliable which makes cleaning the cage a little easier.

Bunny Bedding Absorber at a glance:

  • Bedding base for small pet cages
  • Suitable for use with all types of bedding
  • Highly absorbent: absorbs liquid and ensures that bedding stays dry
  • Easy to use: place directly onto the cage floor as a base, cover with regular bedding on top
  • Deodorising: ensures a pleasant environment and prevents a build-up of unwanted smells
  • Low dust: can help protect airways
  • Easy cleaning: allows you to clean the cage easily as liquids are absorbed efficiently
  • 100% natural: made from straw pellets, soft wood granules and pine heartwood
  • Biodegradable


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