James Wellbeloved - Naturally Healthy

James Wellbeloved is a Traditional UK business based in the heart of Somerset. James Wellbeloved was established with the aim of producing food that could help dogs suffering from food allergies and digestive intolerance. Since then, James Wellbeloved has grown to also produce cat food, ferret food and dog treats.

The food is made using human grade ingredients only. Furthermore, James Wellbeloved’s food is hypoallergenic, contains no wheat, beef or soy and no artificial colours or preservatives.

James Wellbeloved believes that natural goodness tastes best! Their food uses only the finest natural ingredients which are chosen for being suitable for the digestion of Dogs, Cats or Ferrets. There are further variants for Kitten, Puppy and Senior Cats and Senior Dogs too that match the needs of different life-stages.

Their food has won numerous awards and provides naturally healthy and delicious nutrition to thousands of satisfied pets across the UK.

James Wellbeloved’s philosophy:
  • Natural ingredients
  • No added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives
  • Healthy, completely satisfying and very tasty food
  • Free from many ingredients which are renowned for causing food intolerances
  • All the vitamins and minerals your pet needs
  • A single source of meat protein for each variant
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