Naturediet Dog Food

Naturediet wet dog food is natural, yummy food made in Norfolk. Made with locally sourced ingredients, this 100% natural wet dog food is gently steam cooked to retain vital ingredients and mouth-watering flavour. 
These simple, healthy recipes contain limited ingredients, making Naturediet’s delicious food perfect for dogs with sensitivities. Each meal is packed in an innovative Tetra Pak® carton made mostly from paperboard, which is widely recyclable in the UK. So not only is Naturediet good for your dog, but it is also good for the environment!
    2 products
    2 products

    Add some variety to your dog's diet with these tasty grain-free wet dog food mixed packs. Each recipe contains only one source of animal protein and is based on the wolf's natural diet in the wild.

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    6 x 300g Tray Mixed Pack (Turkey, Beef, Lamb, Duck)
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    Nourishing, natural, gloriously grain-free complete wet dog food. Gently steamed to preserve nutrients, each recipe is enriched with nutritious fruit & veg. Try 3 varieties in the mixed trial packs!

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    Mixed Pack I (3 Flavours)
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