Disco the budgie

Disco absolutely loves this. When he receives this treat, he sings happily and dances. Very impressed with the smell aswell, it smells very fruity. *tip* Replace when the food has completely gone as it has an expiry date on it and you wouldn't like to be giving you bird out-of-date treats.
05/20/16 | Steve Evans

Great fruity treat..

Great first and last treat of the day for my 2 budgies.. they have a bell in a corner of there ferplast piano 6 cage which when I ring it they both know what's coming.. great smell as well..
12/31/13 | Alex

Fruit Patee

My Budgies absolutely love it. Absolutely recommend it as part of a balanced diet.

great for finches

my finches love it, keeps them in a great shape.
02/17/10 | courtney

very verrrrrrrrrrrry goooooooood

i really really want a budgie lots of love courtney
11/22/09 | m.hughes

budgie delight

this patee is very nourishing for budgies, if they wont eat it try a little warm water or fruit juice. when i do this my birds can't get enough.
11/03/09 | Irene

Budgies not interested.

Budgies would not eat this fruit patee at all.
01/27/09 | christine

kiwi the budgie

never seen the budgie eat his food so quickly, going to order extra bags.
11/06/08 | Laura


smells a little, mmm funky! but my budgies love it!

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