02/05/18 | Pyxxel

Great - except for one thing

My two budgies really like this food - the hen loves the longer grain while the cock prefers the round seed. The only drawback to me is the inclusion of white sunflower seeds. Their shell is far too hard for budgies to break and thus they go to waste. I usually try picking them out before filling the food containers but that's rather tedious. It would be better if these useless seed were not included.
06/04/15 | Mac

Excellent health

I have repurchased this because it is excellent for our family's budgie. Whilst I would run a mile from any vet that swears by either an all-pellet processed diet or an all-seed natural one as being a totally complete diet and thus supplement this mix with egg food when moulting and with daily greens, I have to report that on a recent vet visit, our budgie has been confirmed as "very healthy" indeed. We tried some top quality pellets patiently for many months but he would rather starve than eat pellets. Thus for a stubborn budgie that refuses to eat even the best pellets, this varied seed mix remains the best basic mix for his present excellent health.

Good for health

Bought this good quality feed/seeds in October 2014 which we supplement with egg food, wild chickweed, shepherd purse, dandelion, daisy, seeded wild grass & green vegetables & 'very healthy' was the vet's recent verdict. We have tried Lafeber's pellets but that was 1/2 wasted every time so BP is much better for us.
03/20/14 | William Airey

excellent service

ordered on Monday evening arrived at the stated time on Thursday morning. Excellent service on delivery and speed would recommend to anyone wanting to order this product.
09/07/12 | A returning customer

Excellent product and Service

Our budgies love this food, especially the grains. It arrives within a few days, and saves us having to carry these 4kg bags around.

budgie food

very good quality bird food ,excellent service from zooplus

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