29/01/16 | Louise
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Finally a food that is liked!

My mum has a Galah that she has struggled to keep in good condition as he doesn't like any of the foods she has tried over the years beyond eating enough to keep himself alive. I bought a bag of this to try and wow! We've had to ration it :D It smells so appetising that even the dogs will pinch it if they get a chance! 2 bags ordered this month so that we can increase his percentage in readiness to make a change to this being his main food!
03/05/13 | Belinda Proud
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Happy Cockatoo's

Over the years having tried lots of other diets for my girls, Spike a 12 year old and Lily a 10 year old both Bare-Eyed Cockatoo's, I did not hold out much hope that they would both like it when gave them the Prestige Premium but was really surprised when instead of just throwing it (their usual habit) BOTH ate it and they are thriving. So much so that Lily laid 4 eggs this year and all had solid shells, proving that finally their nutrition is correct. I am absolutely delighted that they like it and actually seem happier in themselves. I highly recommend this range of species specific diet