08/02/21 | Mary McMahon

Tasty treats

Good value ,birds love them ,I remove the net as birds could get tangled in them, and use a fat ball feeder .

07/23/21 | Mary McMahon


Birds love them ,I remove the nets as small birds nails could get caught in them.We had great activity in the garden ,and the box works out cheaper then buying packs.

06/13/21 | Dominique Edwards


The fat balls were much appreciated by the birds, BUT, and it is a big but, half the box was reduced to dust!

05/26/20 | Marsha Morrison

Birds just love them.

I bought 2 of the Fat Ball Saver packs. Great value, great product. No waste, no mess. Together with the Menu Nature Clean Garden Mix, from jackdaws to blue tits, my bird feeders are busy, busy.

04/10/19 | Christiane Luke

Better without nets

The balls are of good quality and the birds like them - but it would be so much better if they did not come in plastic nets!! I am hesitant to order them again because I hate unnecessary plastic pollution.


The only good thing is they're cheap

After that, you get what you pay for. The balls don'thold together very well, and there were a lot of crumbling balls in the box. These are useless when using a feeder. Also they're in those green nets. THESE ARE DANGEROUS FOR BIRDS! They can easily become tangled in them, and conservation organisations have been advising against them for years. Also, these add to plastic waste - I'd guess anyone feeding wild birds is interested in conservation, so don't want to add to plastic pollution.

06/12/18 | elaine

Great success

These Lillebro fat balls were an instant success in my garden attracting lots of birds immediately and I am glad I bought a 100 of them as I am needing to replace them daily! We have watched the blue tits feeding pecked fat balls to the fledglings on the branch. Will be ordering more soon.



We usually get a lot of starlings in our garden but I was pleasantly surprised that these fat balls attract dunnocks too! We didn't get many of them visiting with the supermarket fat balls we used to buy. Will definitely order again!

01/24/16 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

More birds than ever

my garden birds are used to cheap balls from 99p shop.I put these out and they did not go near them.I was quite disappointed.However after two or three days the birds all came back and more birds than previously.I have a squirrel proof feeder with a very tight lid which I find hard to prise open.However the squirrels found a way of lifting the lid and helping themselves to top ball !

09/27/13 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

My birds love these fat balls

These fat balls are eaten every day by hundreds of tits, finches and even woodpeckers and blackbirds. They are great value for money and I have been buying them for years.


The birds really like them

Super quality at a fair price. The sparrows, tits, finches and jackdaws like them. I've ordered them quite a few times and I've always been happy with the product.

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