03/11/19 | Aurelija

love it

My cockatiel love it

02/22/18 | Michelle

Great price &quality

The budgies love it, so it must be fresh, and I love the price.

08/28/15 | Lynn Helbert


I've bought my birds many different types of millet,most a lot more expensive than this,but I can honestly say they have enjoyed this far more,as soon as I put some in their cage,they pounce on it! Will definitely be buying it again

11/10/12 | Bev

Good for hamsters too

This should also be in the small pet section, my dwarf hamster absolutely loves it.

08/16/12 | Sandra

Foxtail millet

Was looking for good quality and large quantities of millet This is better then our local pet shop plus you get a very large tin to keep it all in will buy again.


their fave ever snack

the tweey pies love this snack it is they absolute favoirute! Thanks zooplus!

08/06/09 | Aoife

Yet another Chicken Treat!

The chickens simply love the millet strings and it keeps them entertained. Will try the red ones next.