None of my cats like it

My cats love other Almo Nature products but they are not eating this one at all!
02/24/18 | Emma

Strange colour and cats didn't like it

We usually buy animonda carny but we thought we'd try something else. The meat looks grey and our cats wouldn't touch it. They're not fussy eaters but they just turned their nose up completely.


All 4 of mine love this which is the most important thing, even the delicate one hasn't had any problems with it. I love that it comes in big tins. It's not expensive. There's a variety of flavours.
11/30/15 | Donna

Never any left with this one

First time I'd tried this brand in tins - we've had pouches before, but that works out quite pricey - very reasonable in tins. Froglet loves this one, and has from the outset; she never leaves any on the plate. It seems a good mix - evenly balanced through the whole tin; no pockets of fat or jelly at the end of the tin, and it doesn't smell - I'll definitely be buying more of this
11/28/15 | Dee

Ideal for sensitive tums

I have 4 cats, who all love this as much as Felix AGAIL - although we bought it for one who constantly has the runs - this food seems to have done the trick! Expensive looking food that's cheaper than pouches - brilliant!
11/16/15 | Jason Newell


Its the first food I have found that my male British Short Hair can eat without a reaction.
02/19/15 | beki eastwood

Great quality for price

Happy to buy this again as all 5 of mine like this. They like the pate texture and always find clean bowls!
10/27/14 | Trudi Worner

Almo Nature

My Bengals are very fussy and have sensitive tummies. I'm always on the lookout for something healthy but also cost effective. Mine love the Turkey and Rabbit. Not so keen on the Beef. Will be buying more.

Life Saver

Once again Zooplus offer a product which cannot be beaten. 2 rescued Persians developed severe tummy runs, had to be bathed twice a day as it was so dreadful, bottoms red raw and poor little things moaning in pain. Vet tried all usual things and every 'special' diet tried with no results. As these little ones had been a cruelty case everything possible was being attempted to help them. Lightbulb moment when a carer remembered they had a supply of Almo Nature. Cats ate it ( although not mad keen!) and 3 days later, no pain, and normal poo. Harry Potter could not have done better so thank you Zooplus.

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