easy to eat and digest

my cat has been a poorly boy , he had thyroid problems and dental work. he needed something easy to eat and also yo help him regain weight. I have always like the ethos of almo nature. The mousse is easy for him to swallos ( I can also hide his medication in it). other brands he had used before where giving him an upset tummy regularly . (also natural brands) I do mix cooked chicken in to this to give him more protein and build him up a bit. He is doing really well on this
09/06/17 | Lin

Fair enough

The ingredients doesn't impress me so I only give my cat this as a weekly treats as she loves it. My cat is very picky and she only would eat a few brand of wet cat food. I add water to this cat can and give to my cat as an extra water intake for her rather than getting some nutrients
07/06/17 | Sharon

Just what I was after!

I regularly foster cats for a local animal rescue and they often come to me in poor condition. My current foster is a 10 year old who was found as a stray, emaciated and in very poor condition. She has few teeth left so I wanted something easy for her to eat as well, so the mousse seemed perfect. When I gave it to her, she dived straight into the bowl and didn't move once, not even to come up for air! The plate was almost licked clean, and after she finished she slept for hours.


I did buy this to give it a try and although it was largely enjoyed by my cat, I feel there are better foods Zooplus sell that she likes just as well, so will probably not buy again unless she suddenly goes off everything else. This has quite a low protein content and I try to avoid cassia gum where it is listed as it is a complex sugar.

cats love it

I gave this to my 18 yr old cat who I have always fed naturally. she had dental work so got this to help her eat. After had healed she would not go back to her usual diet. I prefer to give just meat then add supplements for nutrition , but am out voted by both cats (the other one loved it too)

cats pleased

my cat had some dental work done so I fed her this just before and after as it was soft. she loved it and now wont return to her original diet
02/05/17 | Adele

Top marks by my Fussy Cat

I have a 21 year old cat and i have just tried her on this food and she loved it, she just didnt eat the gravy first like she does on other cat food brands she loved it so much the meaty chunks went first. As an owner of a fussy cat ive tried lots of different brands and some are, what can i say not very pleasant smell, but open these tins with meaty chunks & gravy and they smell quite nice they also dont make the room smell, well thats if there are any left. Thanks from a very fussy cat - Polly

My fussy cat

He loves this and also great ingredients to help him stay healthy. Thank you almo
10/26/16 | emma

almo nature mousse

my cat is very fussy since having to go on thyroid medication and as a result weve been trying all kinds of different foods, decided to try these and some flavours were a hit some definatley not but he ones she likes she will eat when she wont eat anything else. was a bit worried with them being a mousse as her stomach can be a bit sensitive but they seem very natural and don't upset her so I'm buying more

Happy cat-very happy cat minion

I have a very fussy lass and had tried all catfoods out there and bought this on offer with fingers crossed. The vet and I were beginning to worry as she didn't like ANY foods at this point. She won't eat it alone and I have to mix it with a competitors quality biscuits but she leaves the bowl clean at last. Its been a while now and she still eats it. Woohoo for this brand!
08/13/16 | Nicola

The mousse is excellent for cats that don't eat chunks

My cat was wasting SO MUCH food because of his tendency to lick jelly up and leave the chunks of food. The mousse varieties of the Almo Nature were an instant hit and he licks them right up. They aren't really expensive and I'm wasting so much less money and food... The only thing I'd like is for the mousse flavours to be available in larger cans as now I feel like I'm producing hundreds of tiny tins for recycling and hurting the environment...would much rather get 3-400g tins!
01/16/16 | The dinner lady

good value for money & the cat loves it!

We got a fuzzy eater that only wants to eat the raw fish variety of Almo Nature, which is great but a bit expensive. So, to alternate meals, we bought a small pack of 6x85gms of Daily Menu, Chunks with Trout, just to try first and...the cat loves it! He licks the plate clean...we are now buying the saver pack.

five stars!!!

My princess loves this food. Lots of variety esp the mousse option which she adores. Would be great if we could purchase variety options of the 18 tin offer for one-cat households as I would love to try all flavors!!!

Superb for fussy cats

Purchased this and other flavours for my very fussy cat who can't be asked to chew (Teeth fine!) Good quality and price

Update on earlier review,

I have fed my kitten 3 tins now and he has terrible diarrhoea, I feed him different brands every day or 2 so it shouldn't be the swapping to the diet it could be because it's an adult food and too rich for a kittens tummy but I won't be buying again until he's older.

A wet food my kitten likes - yay!!

So after trying more than 20 wet food products, I've found one he will eat - ok, so he licks the jelly off first as usual but does still go back for the chunks after which is unheard of! Great food (Turkey and duck)!
11/19/14 | Rachel

Brilliant - it saved my anorexic cat's life

My cat got cholangiohepatitis and us nor the vets could get him to eat anything - anything at all. He was on a drip for days. They eventually sent him home because he wouldn't eat. I tried endless cat foods to tempt him, even real ham and chicken. In the end all he would eat was the Almo Nature Daily Menu tuna. Saying that, he won't eat it now, but that is ALL he would eat and he got his strength back and started living and moving again. So I would absolutely recommend this.
11/01/14 | Hal

2 paws up for Almo Nature Daily

We've been trying to feed our 6 month kitten Bozita Jelly (along with Lily's and Felix) for the past three months. He eats it, but is definitely not happy with it since there's often so much left over. We bought some Almo Nature's Turkey and Duck since it was on sale and glad we did. The quality looks the same as Bozita but for some reason he just eats it right away without any protest. We will try other flavors for our next order.

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