02/05/17 | Alison

Great food for fussy cats

My two cats are really fussy, but love this applaws food, been on it for a year and still empty bowls.

Fussy cats loved this!

I have a cat who scarcely eats and is very active. I have tried everything to tempt her towards food, as she still looks too thin. Then I tried Applaws fish pots and she was smitten. Both my cats love these and, although they do not look like big meals, they are worth the price to me

It's the only wet food that my fussy cat eats

I have a couple of dry food fans and 1 who would only eat dry up until trying Applaws! He loves Chicken & Duck, I give him 1 pot a day with dry food so he gets the moisture he needs. I have 4 cats so unfortunately it is only him who gets this treat as it would be too costly and I am not sure how they justify their prices as I am sure a lot more would be sold even with a small reduction (I know I would buy more!)

Just loved it

My kitten just loves this food, high quality protein worth every penny
06/08/14 | M-J

Can't do better for a great quality wet food

I will buy this product again and again. We have 5 cats and although we couldn't possibly manage another mortgage to buy this for all of them - one in particular benefits greatly. He has FLUTD and had previously been on prescription wet and dry food. There are nice size portions and plenty of 'gravy' which is great for upping the fluid intake. He's still on the vet biscuits but loves this and does very well on it.
04/03/14 | Sharon

great food

My two cats absolutely adored this. They are terribly fussy eaters and only eat small amounts at a time so this was perfect for them. One of the few foods where they eat every scrap :)
02/04/14 | Helen W

Love Applaws

This really is great cat food - would be the absolute best if it was organic.
09/26/13 | Kate

Too small for a meal, too big for a treat - but the usual Applaws high quality food

My cat loves Applaws pouches so I thought I'd try a selection box of the Applaws cat pots to see what she made of them. The cat certainly seemed to like the taste (with the exception of sardine and mackerel, which was apparently the Worst Flavour Ever). At 60g, the pots are smaller than the pouches so the cat was hungry and begging for more after polishing one off, but they are equally too big to be offered as a treat. I can't see any real difference between the pots and the pouches other than the size and the different flavours on offer - the texture of the food seems much the same as in the pouches. Having said that, from the product details and the price differential, it sounds like the pots are being pitched as the "premium" product. As always with Applaws, the quality can't be faulted. You can clearly see the ingredients listed on the packet in the food. I just found the smaller size a bit confusing. If you have a cat with a smaller appetite or want to feed more frequent small meals during the day, these should be fine. However, if your cat's used to the Applaws pouches, it might complain if you switch to something a bit smaller.

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