05/15/21 | Grainne

Cat will not eat these

I have always found applaws products to be very good and my various pets have eaten it with no issues. IThat is not the case with the pate. I bought two mixed cases and my cat will simply not eat any of them so I have nearly two full cases of uneaten food.
08/01/19 | Annika

Good quality

I have read this product has good quality, but my cat`s didn`t like it much.

Favourite food

I bought a trial pack of this for my cats to try and it has been a great success. Soft enough for my aged toothless Cornish Rex and interesting enough to appeal to the palate of my fussy Oriental. Absolutely nothing is left in the dish.
03/13/18 | Geraldine

Good meaty pate

This is a good meaty pate at a reasonable price. Four cats but only two will eat it. I would say of the two that eat it, they "like it" rather than "love it" hence the three stars. I got the orange and the green packs. I possibly would get them again but I would have to bear in mind that only the kittens will eat them.
02/21/18 | E Sansdhu

good quality but not a winner with 2 out 3 of my cats

good quality cat food at a very good price but 2 of my bengals were not keen on it and it gave the youngest a vert upset tummy.

Best complete option

My cat loves this as it’s a chunky pate rather than a smooth one. She doesn’t have a preference either but enjoys them all. I’m happy with the meat quantity, price and ingredients overall. Wish they would have another mixed selection box for even more variety and some completely fish free options as I am trying to reduce my cats fish intake. Also find trays a little large at 100gm as we normally try to serve 85gm for wet meals.

So far so good

Another one my 4 cats love. They have only tried Beef and Chicken flavours so far but so far so good. They love Natures Menu and it's a bit similar - very moist pate with lots of jelly - not like some of the tins you get that are coarse and hard going for them. I'll be buying again
10/16/17 | Sheen

Our cat loves it

Our 6 year old cat is a licker - usually leaves jelly with chunks food with just the chunks left untouched, or the shredded chicken Applaws wet only half finished. He loves this Pate however, he licks it all up without picking at it. If he left some unfinished towards the end of the day, I put a dash of water on it and mash it up with a food - which refreshes it a little with a fresh... cat food smell - and then he'll usually finish it.
08/25/17 | Heidi

my cats loved it!

I'm very glad that my two fussy eaters really love this food. I reckon it is the pate texture that they really like as they like to lick the food (rather than eat and chew, it is strange I know!:)), and this food is very smooth, so they have no problem at all.
08/20/16 | F Conte

He loves this!

Ok so my cat is not one years old just yet so everything is pretty much trial and error so far. I've tried other brands like a science plan and Purina but he went off these quickly. Especially the science plan as to me the wet food looked so fake and didn't smell nice. I must say that these Applaws pate dishes are a breath of fresh air, not only do they look like more of a "real" food, the quality and smell seems such a high quality and most of all, my cat loves it and so far doesn't leave a bit behind. So far he loves the beef, turkey and ocean fish so my next order will be the chicken, lamb and salmon box. In conjunction with this food I've giving him Applaws kitten dry food which he also loves! He finishes the bowl so quick it's so hard to resist to keep filling it up but of course I want to keep him healthy so I never overfeed him. Also the complimentary wet food is also very good, he especially loves the tuna fillet. All in all I would fully recommend this brand, it's the best he's had had so and at the moment, depending on his taste buds, I have no reason to change.
05/03/15 | Sophie

Preferred over applaws wet food.

My cats don't like the standard applaws wet food so I tried these. Every flavour is yummed up by both cats.
09/09/14 | Zoe Hope

My cat loves this food

My little Gracie - a Russian Blue - adores this food. She litterally licks the bowl clean. It's a mousse like texture which I think encourages them to eat it all.

5 out of 5 delicious rating

My british shorthair absolutely adores this food,,, I only give her a half carton every morning which suffices, and biscuits the rest of the day,, she never complains, and the bowl is as clean as a whistle.. However, if you're giving 3 cartons a day (as per feeding recommendations), could work out expensive.
06/08/14 | Debbie

Cats Love It !!!

Bently & Macavity have tried every brand of food and finally I found Applaws . This is the only food that makes them clear their bowls in one go . They Love It !!!

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