Clean plate every day!

My cat's quite picky about his food and it took a while to find something that he likes and something that doesn't have suspicious additives. He absolutely loves Applaws! We tried all chicken varieties, every flavor gone within minutes. He only gets one a day (the rest is dry food) and dinner's now a pretty big deal - cat gets excited a good hour before it's actually feeding time.
04/30/20 | Katherine Finnegan

What has happened with Applaws Cat Food?

My cats have enjoyed Applaws Tuna with Anchovy for years, but in the last 2 weeks, they both get sick within 5 minutes of eating it! Perhaps a bad batch? Even so, very worrying.
05/30/18 | Anna

great quality !

my cat is very fussy with food. Applaws food - great quality first of all, and my cat loves all options ! Compare 60-70% real meat in Applaws with 4% in supermarket food!
05/08/18 | Mary Sharma

Not as good as it was

In the past this has been an excellent product. Expensive, but worth it. My female tabby would always eat it and I kept it as a treat or for days when she was extra fussy. The last batch however seemed to have been watered down and she turned away from it immediately with her tail in the air and has refused to touch it since. Luckily my other two cats ate it up. i will give it one more try to see if it was a 'one off'.

Cat is in love

the only one which my cat eats


My 3 cats absolutely love this. Fantastic value for money.
02/07/17 | Robyn Armstrong

Great quality wet food at a great price

We've never had a problem with any of our cats refusing this food, they always lick their bowls clean. It's high meat content means it's great for their health. Bright eyes and shiny coats all round.
01/20/17 | Noelia


After trying all type of healthy food for my fussy cat, this one is "the one" (tuna & seabream) I can't be happier!!
04/18/16 | Nicky

Loves it

My fussy feline loves the tuna and Pacific prawns also the tuna and seabream not tried the others. Looks a good quality nice and moist also all natural goodness for her. I have one happy elderly cat.
02/02/15 | Louise H

Please put these in tins!

I actually bought a combination pack of the Tuna varieties. Our cats loved all the flavours - but they were a real pain to get out of the pouch and they leave you with a fair amount of unrecyclable rubbish for a small amount of food. If these flavours came in tins it would be 5 stars!
01/02/15 | Nikita

kitties love it

My cats love the Tuna and prawns mixture - cannot get enough - the pouches are more economical and you get more for your money - only wish they were a complete food bc I'd feed my cat that soley if it were the case!
11/10/14 | Hilary

So difficult to get the food out of the pouch

My cats love the tuna and anchovy. I hate the pouch design and material. It is impossible to get the food out completely. We use a lot of Applaws food - why don't they put this one in a tin!
08/25/14 | rosie t


my girls came from a rescue centre, and wouldn't eat much other than Felix, which I was keen to get them out of the habit of eating. I tried them on these pouches as a treat, alongside Applaws dry food, and they LOVED the chicken and asparagus one. I have never seen them lick their plates clean so quickly! The chicken and pumpkin went down amazingly with one of my cats, but not so much the other...fussy things! I will carry on giving these as a weekly treat and see how the other flavours go. But so far, so good. Even on the Applaws dry food I have really noticed their coats being softer and fluffier.
06/08/14 | Grace Beal

Chicken & Wild Rice is my cat's absolute favourite

We adopted our cat from the RSPCA, which rescued her from horrible conditions. So she wasn't in great condition when we brought her home. She wasn't accustomed to wet food (or perhaps had traumatic memories of it) and rejected most of it, especially if it was covered in gravy or jelly, so we struggled to find something to give her in addition to healthy dry food. We have tried every wet cat food on the market and this is her absolute favourite because it's in broth (which she adores) and is only shredded chicken & rice (Applaws Chicken & Aspragus is her second favourite). She has been with us 6 months and her fur is now glossy & healthy, and she is happy & energetic, so we'll keep feeding her this. She's quite small & can't eat a whole tin of food (& won't eat leftover tinned food), so the pouch size is just right & economical.
04/30/13 | Jade

Unprocessed goodness

Our cats really love this food and I really enjoy the convenience of the pouches it comes in. The varieties are recognisable as exactly what they are - the fish is in flakes and the chicken is shredded into small pieces. The food is moist and mixed with a very small amount of vegetable or rice. It has a very normal food odour that is nothing like processed, unrecognisable tinned cat food and I feel that it is a high quality and nutritious meal option to feed my cats alongside their dry food.
11/06/12 | Freddy and Ginny


I am very happy with this product. The food is of high quality with a very good meat content. My cat loves the chicken and asparagus pouches and turns up his nose if I feel him anything other than Applaws, he has good taste!

pampered pet

like your other reviewers once my cat had tasted Applaws nothing else is quite good enough although she still eats her biscuits


The meat content and flavour of Applaws pouches is great - so great, that even I get food envy when feeding the cats!
09/06/12 | Graeme

Delicious: 4 fussy cats and I can't be wrong

The tuna and sea bream variety is simply delicious. I know because I've tried it. All you need for a really decent lunchtime sandwich lunch is a sachet of this stuff and 2 slices of bread. It really is that good. No wonder the cats look cheesed off when I try to feed them other types of wet food.
08/26/12 | Claire Barker


A warning to all cat lovers, once your dear little bundles of loveliness have tried this food DO NOT RUN OUT! I did and I got the look - the one that says - I can't possibly eat this - where is my Applaws. Then they just walk away leaving you feeling guilty that you didn't get your order in in time!

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