08/28/19 | Oana Ignat

Gave my both cats diarrhea

My cats eat mostly only the Applaws brand. But lately the jelly version of the pouches with tuna gavr them a bad diarrhea immediately after eating. I tested to see the variety culplrit and when Id give them the pouches in sauce they would be fine and after switching back to the jelly ones with tuna their diarrhea was back. Have they changed the formula?
02/14/18 | ADRIAN PAUL

amazing quality

amazing quality and content and my cats love it, especially my older cat (17 1/2) with kidney failure

The only food my cats eat.

This is the only cat food I buy for many years, but quite expensive. Best value for money at zooplus.
01/04/18 | Erica

Good quality

My cats both like this food more than any other available on zooplus. Always finished up.
10/07/17 | Kate Pell

the favourite meal

Cole loves this combination and only has to see me wave the pouch and comes running, tail up and trilling, clean bowl every time
05/19/16 | Claire Barker

Empty Plate Every Time

Lovely food, all my cats adore this and their plates are left clean. Not much more I can say really!
03/15/16 | Orie

The best wet cat food so far!

My Bengal is very picky about wet food and never ate a full portion of any type of wet food. I tried various brands and my cat never aprooved of it. Until now! I bought chicken & liver and tuna & salmon varieties and my Bengal loves it! Also, the food doesn't have that nasty smell that some food has. It looks like a real meat and fish, instead of just cubes.
03/08/16 | Claire Barker

Wonderful Food

At last, something my little fusspots adore. Plate after plate has been consumed with great enthusiasm, I am ordering more. You can see what it is, not sqashed up mashed food but real chicken and real tuna, they love it and therefore so do I!!!
06/05/15 | originally published in zooplus.it

wet food

This wet food is great quality and works well as a treat (food for Sundays) that we give to our gang of cats to add a bit of variety and excitement to their diet. They love it!
06/04/15 | originally published in zooplus.it

Wet food

Great priduct with a great taste for cats that are difficult to please.

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