24/04/21 | Sophie
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Tried every food, all rubbish except for this one!

I have an 18 year old moggie who suffers with renal disease. She also has arthritis. I was told by my vet to feed her Hills Prescription Diet... DON'T DO IT. It is not food, it's slop. Enter Beaphar! This food has changed her life. She is lively, has a beautiful glossy coat and is back to her mischievous ways! Please buy this for your fur baby, the big brands are not food or medicine in anyway. Couldn't be happier and neither could she!
23/10/18 | Lu
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My 17 year old cat was not eating either Royal Canin or Hills renal diets.Did some research saw Bephar Renal diet gave it a try, well the cat did he eats it all no problems supplement him with some glucosamine too hey presto happy active cat.
31/05/18 | Hollie
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My Kitty is eating again!!!

I got back to my parents place after a 4 month trip travelling. My mum told me our 18 year old cat Molly has kidney failure and that she was barely eating or drinking. I was following Molly around with the recommended food from the vets but she hated it and it gave her the squits. I just fed her her first bowl of Beaphar and I've never seen her eat so much food at once. She absolute wolfed it down, I'm nearly crying from relief. I'm mixing up the pate with water to try to keep her hydrated too.
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Beaphar Renal Diet

My dear cat, aged 15, has to have renal diet food and rejected other brands - this one, however, he loves. Great relief for me and hopefully better kidney health for him.
18/09/16 | Arianna Paternesi
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my 12 years old cat is in love with this product. He's feeling so much better Great quality at amazing prices.
06/11/15 | Helle
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Missing info

My cat definitely prefers this, but I find I'm missing information both on this site and on the containers. I can tell its low on especially phosphorus, which is good, but I cannot find the energy per 100 g of product which makes it quite difficult to monitor the food intake.
28/02/15 | Ali
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Wonderful product - has given my cat his life back!

My 18 year old tom cat was diagnosed with stage 2 to 3 renal failure last November. As seems to be the norm my vet recommended Hills or Royal Canin, both of which he refused to eat after a week. I found this cat food, which he just loves, and has never tired of. Since eating this his life has been transformed. Previously he spent most days hunched over on the floor in my hall and his quality of life seemed very low. With Beaphar he is now purring, playing and going out at nights again, basically doing all the cat-things he had ceased to do. Most remarkable of all I recently took him to the vet for a check up and his kidney function has returned to within normal levels. I didn't know that was even possible. Like others here, I'm bewildered that UK vets don't seem to know about this product, it is brilliant!
15/01/14 | Janet
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This cat food is brilliant

One of my 9 year old cats was diagnosed with kidney disease last year.He was extremely poorly after having 2 emergency operations to remove kidney stones that were causing his bladder to be blocked. Post operations our vet recommended Royal canin or Hills renal food which he more or less refused to eat which was very distressing as he was getting increasingly thin .In desperation we bought a selection of suitable food for him to try including the selection pack of Beapher. It was an instant success, the duck flavour (ente) particularly.Six months later he has a big appetite for it and is happy and bouncing around like a kitten! The fact that you can buy a small selection pack of all the flavours to try is very clever of Beapher I think ,unlike all the other brands where you have to commit to buying a large amount without knowing if your cat will eat it
28/04/13 | Flora
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Life Saver!

My poor cat had lost 2Kg and wasn't eating at all. Now I have discovered Beaphar, he has a newly awakened healthy appetite. He loves his food and is getting back to his normal weight. I only wish I had known about this renal diet sooner. I cannot recommend it highly enough, it's brilliant and much better quality than Hills or Royal Canin.
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Beaphar has saved my cat!!

How come UK vets don't know about this product? How come they push Royal Canin or Hill's renal food which as far as I can tell no cat I have ever had, or have read about, or heard about will ever eat!! It is so important to get your cat to eat the right foods when they have kidney disease, Beaphar has been the only wet food my sick cat will eat that does not make him ill and he have tried them all. Can't thank you enough Beaphar on the best renal food out there.
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I think we must have tried just about every renal brand of cat food out there, but finally struck gold with Beaphar, which he loves. His favourite is Ente (foreign for duck ;) ) and Taurine flavours. Thanks to Beaphar, sick kitty is now eating the amount he's supposed to be, and is starting to look much better because of it.
27/07/11 | Gloria
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My cat refused to eat the brands sold at the vet and lost a lot of weight. We tried Beaphar : he loves it and is much more active now.
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Thumbs up

My cats really love this food - the only downside was having to use Google translate to read the packaging!