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Excellent food

My kitty cat loved it, it smells very tasty even to me, and when i saw the chunks of meat i was happy because some other cat foods are mostly jelly. I loved the product and my lovely cat did too❤️ Good value for money
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Dearly loved

Our cat has stomach issues - we often had to leave the room after his farts. While looking for an easily digestible food for him we landed on Catessy and it seemed to stick. After the transition our cat settled down well with this food. We buy some other food from time to time but Catessy is still his favourite.
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Perfect for our sensitive rescue

Our cat has always had trouble with vomiting. Whenever we bought expensive wet food he would throw it up. This he seems to find much easier to tolerate and has been going great for a year. The recipe isn't the best, but it's sugar free and no grains.
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All 4 cats love it

My experience with this was great! As soon as I put it down all 4 of my cats threw themselves at it. They still look forward to each bowl now. I can only recommend it. Price is great too.
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13/06/20 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk
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Catessy Chunks in Sauce

Both my cats love this food, although the female cat is more picky than the male, she eats it as quickly as he does, and when it comes to whether the food is good or not, she knows best. ;)))
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My fussy cat normally only eats expensive food. But he likes this too. Great :)
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this was a tester for me

bit of hit and miss same as other 2 boxes but more like than dislike so will be going big on this one as i will on other 2 boxes worth the money just right amount of sauce and meat i was glad to see most dont its lots of sauce hardly any meat but not with his brand chunks are just right as well not to big so i will be buying this again only bigger boxes next time for all 3 flavours
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Just amazing!

Parking, Cora and Tremolino enjoyed every single bite! Easy to open the package, excellent variety of flavors! A product that we will definitely buy again
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My 9 month old neutered Mícinka loves them. I was afraid she wouldn't like it as she's pretty picky.
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I have a Bengal kitten and he loves Catessy. And most of all in the sauce.
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22/06/18 | Lesley
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The others are great, but not the Salmon/Spinach one....

My cat loves the Beef/Tomato flavour and quite llikes the Chicken/Egg and Duck/Carrot ones. However, she won't touch the Salmon/Spinach one. Shame they're only available in a multipack. I hope Catessy start selling the different flavours separately - I don't want to waste money on several pouches of the Salmon/Spinach one that she doesn't like at all.
22/05/18 | Jude Smith
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Brilliant value and high palatability

Rare to find a value product ALL my cats will eat! Well done - this is NOT an easy task. Pleasing our 11 cats is quite a challenge - and Catessy appear to have cracked it!
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Excellent food great price

My cat was suffering with bad hairloss so thought it would be worth trying grain free, he has been having this, alongside Purizon dried food for around 6 months now and there has been a massive difference, hair has all grown back and he is in great condition, (if a little on the tubby side) he also loves the food so win win situation all round.
18/10/17 | Jane
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Inexpensive & good for wheat intolerant cats

Was slightly dubious because it's so cheap, but really glad I did because my cat loves this food.She seems to be really thriving on this and Cosma. Passes the grain intolerance test with flying colours.
03/10/17 | Gisela Redman
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Bengals go crazy for Catessy

Our two Bengals go totally bonkers with anticipation whenever I go near the kitchen! I have never seen cats love food so much as our two love Catessy. They knock each other out of the way to get to the food first. They both love all the flavours of gravy and jelly. Total success!
10/09/17 | Kerry
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Amazing for my cat with IBD!

After having spent £££ on vet's prescription foods and other expensive grain-free or 'sensitive' options, none of which suited my cat with Crohn's disease, I thought I had nothing to lose by trying these. I was dubious as they are so cheap, but this brand seems to be the only food she can tolerate! She's even ill after eating raw or cooked chicken and fish. She still can't eat the gravy version of Catessey - it may be the egg jelly that does the trick with these - but at least we have something now, and it's affordable. Even better, she loves it, which means I can get her to have her probiotics and psyllium too, mixed with the food. A real find!
07/09/17 | Joe
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A Healthier Alternative

Goes down pretty well and no sugar means it's good for his teeth (and belly). Only criticism is that the pouches seem to hold a bit less than 100g, so meal times aren't always equal portions unless you open another pouch!
29/03/17 | hannah
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fussy eaters

cats seem to like it good for the price
12/02/17 | Ginger cat lady
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Ginger Cat Bzik

My ginger cat who need grain free food tried for the first time Catessy mixt pack few weeks ago and simply love this food. His favorite is the red packs with beef in tomato jelly. He is sometimes not in the mood to eat all green ones with salmon in spinach jelly and we just think it will be better to make salmon with green beans instead. Anyway its very good food and is grain free :)
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Very Good

My cat loves it