09/26/18 | Jess

Bubbles loves it

Seems to be a bit like cat's Marmite: they either love it or hate it. My 13 year-old lady cat loves it, doesn't take her long to lick the bowl clean. She's never been a fan of 'chunks in gravy'-style food. She also likes the Animonda Carny range and Applaws Senior. If your cat likes those I'd say there's a good chance they'll like this stuff, too.
08/13/17 | Rebecca

Kittens are happy!

My kittens adore this food and clear their bowls every time I feed it. It's good quality food, looks and smells like meat and is free of any nasties. Very affordable too, a winner all round!
07/16/17 | Wendy

Worth every penny best cat food ever!

Our very ill rescue cat of 10ys has completely been restored by this easily digested wonderful top quality food. She was very emaciated and weak, often sick on all other food, disinterested in eating, but now back to normal weight, shiny healthy coat, clear eyes, good stools where as before she was often struggling, and very happy. The food smells so good, she can't wait to eat. Worth every penny!
02/05/17 | Nicky

Good quality food

Both of my picky cats love this - it's a "solid" catfood, like a meatloaf type texture, so I was surprised they ate it as they usually only like small chunks in gravy. However both are hoovering up all the varieties, even my very picky boy who is very particular about what he eats! Great high quality food for a good price.

My very fussy cats actually like most of this food!

My two cats both liked this food. There is one variety that they didn't seem to like as much but I mixed it with other food and they ate it that way. It seems to be very good quality too!
10/02/16 | Samantha gray

Cheap and nasty

Tried this as my cat was becoming fussy , didn't want to spend to much in case he didn't like it, opened it up and it was like mush , all 3 cats hated it it was like supermarkets cheap own brand , dark mushy with solid fat deposits on the bottom ,gross don't even know what flavour is on the tin as it's in German ! Did get a refund but avoid this at all costs its utter crap donating this to the cat home
09/11/16 | Sylvi'smum

Going down well

I decided to change my cat's diet from one of the well known catfoods as I realised that there was very little meat in these. I had noticed also that she was leaving some, so we had quite a bit of waste. I've tried a few varieties from Zooplus and the Catz in the mixed trial pack seemed to go down best. I first started mixing it with the well known food and increasing the Catz. She is now taking nearly all Catz, and enjoying each tin.
11/12/15 | GV

Mixed pack is perfect

Catzfine food is one of the best meaty food out there. Reasonably priced. My 2 cats adore it! Love the mixed pack deal, my boys can have different food every day!
08/08/15 | Vanessa hughes

Paws up!

My cat had trial pack 2, he loved all of the flavours, I do hope the trial packs remain as I wouldn't want to order each flavour in large amounts, I will be purchasinf again but in a larger tin size now I know my fussy boy likes this food.
06/25/15 | Charlotte

Finally, a food all 6 of my cats will eat!

I decided to try this food after expanding my brood of cats from 2, to 6. When I had just the 2 cats I was more than happy to feed them on Applaws, Cosma and the occasional fresh salmon fillet, chicken breast etc. I had to cut down on that as having 6 cats in this diet would be costing me a fortune. So, I had to look long and hard before deciding on an alternative food I was happy with, and confident in. There are so much bad foods out there and I am ver conscious about what I feed my cats as their basic, staple nutrition. After much "umm-ing and aah-ing" I finally decided on Catz finefood. After looking at the ingredient list there is a very high meat content that the label assures is from organic, steroid free, sustainable, gm free etc. I was particularly drawn to the high moisture content and to have a food that had as little grain and gluten free as one of my boys suffers terribly with FLUTD. He's a little reluctant with drinking water and taking medication. Since switching him to this (the fish variety exempt, of course) he hasn't had another trip to the vets in about 5 months!!! Which is amazing when my vet wanted me to consider putting him down at Christmas as he's been so ill. Also, I have another little boy who has an incredible sensitive tummy and since putting him on this hes had very healthy stools. All in all I love this product and, for me, having the trial packs really suits me. It can be hard to find food all my cats like so if one gets fussy I'll just open another can and the others will finish it off 😊 If there are any other foods in the Catz finefood range I would love to see it. Better still, bigger pack sizes ie a 12x 200g pack (trial) as I tend to order everything in bulk.
04/04/15 | Maggie

Great cat food!!

My cats are on this cat food for a year now, and it is amazing!! I have tried lots of different wet cat foods and most of them had a very hight water content. I used to mix food with water when I first started to feed my cats with Catz Finefood as they were not used to wet food so concentrated. I slowly reduced water and they got used to the texture.
02/18/15 | Sam Cartlidge

Top Quality

My 2 Ragdoll kittens adore this food, empty bowls every time without fail. I decided to try a better quality cat food as my female raggie has some allergy issues and on numerous occasions has scratched herself to bleeding point. Having discovered the rubbish in whiskas I decided to look more closely at the ingredients in cat food and came across Catz Fine Food, it even smells like meat! Both my kitties are much happier and healthier. Highly recommend
11/30/14 | Green V

Lamb and rabbit

Lamb and rabbit went down really well. My boys also enjoy the varieties. Great food! Good value.
11/13/14 | Amanda

noticeable difference in my two cats!!

My cats have been eating Finefood for a round 6 weeks now and i can see it has definitely made a positive difference in them. Before feeding them this I used to just buy cat food from the supermarket. I decided to change as the supermarket food was just full of junk. Since I have given them this food, they seem much more full and don't cry by the food cupboard like they used to! Their coats are much softer and healthy as well. I give them a 200g tin a day between them and some biscuits. Before I was feeding them a 400g tin from the supermarket and biscuits and they would cry for more. Which goes to show the supermarket food must not be full of more substance! I'm very happy with this product and will continue to get it.

The best food I've tried to date!

I ordered a mix trial pack (selection 1). The cats LOVED it. The only flavour they weren't so keen on was the lamb and rabbit but the herring+crab, poultry+salmon, game and poultry flavours were very very popular. Clean dishes every time. The cans come very full so you get a lot for your money. One 200g can lasts my two cats 1 day. So that's four meals. Highly recommend this food!
06/26/14 | Leena


A high quality food! One of our cats is not fussy but has a VERY sensitive stomach. I thought I will never find the food which will agree with his stomach. This food is amazing he loves it and no more upset tummy and constant diarrhea. He never had such a healty solid poos before. Highly recommended to try for cats with sensitive stomach. It's a high quality, smells nice, complete food which means finally I will be able to take him of the dry food!
06/09/14 | megan

My cat adores this food!!

My cat adores this food and so do I because it is grain free, sugar free, has a high meat content and you can smell the quality of the ingredients as soon as you open the tin. When a guest came round they actually thought that I was feeding her fresh fish because it smelt so good! Five stars all the way .
03/22/14 | Sona

Great food, overpriced though!

Went down a treat for my non-fussy kitten. Great meat content, I love the variety of flavours. I like how clear the ingredients list is. My issue is that it looks and smells the same as animonda carny tins, better in that it isn't all made of beef, but it's way more expensive and I don't think it is so much better that it's worth that money.... which I feel is just due to more visually appealing packaging and better advertising. That said, I like feeding a variety so will buy it again as part of rotation! Great service from zooplus.
03/05/14 | Shelagh Webber

long time cat owner

I have recently tried my 4 boys on this cat food and they really liked the herring/crab variety it was soon polished off - however, they were not over keen with the game. (I wonder if the taste is too strong for them?) I notice from past reviews about expense of cat foods I personally I rate Quality over quantity each time, as I rate cosma, miamor equally also all of almo ranges are good but not always a complete food.
03/04/14 | Shelagh Webber

Cat owner of several years

My 4 boys who are 18 months old were very taken with the herring & crab variety too. Some of the varieties they prefer more so than others at the moment they are on the 2nd trial pack but haven't finished it yet.I would give quality over quantity at all times so cosma miamor and Catz Finefood are in my larder at present.

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