31/08/17 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Delicious and high-quality

My 2-year-old cat is very choosy about wet food. We've tried a lot of different brands, but this Grau grain-free has been popular for much longer (alternating with other high-quality wet foods). I can feed it happily knowing it has a healthy recipe.
03/04/17 | Nav
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High quality cat food

Cat absolutely loves the Kitten menu, high quality - recommend.
07/03/17 | Phil
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Ragamuffins love this food

This is another firm favorite for my cats a great food from the start. Smells good, good selection Of flavours and a high meat content. The only issue I have is there is no English translation on the tin to tell you the flavours but Google translate works wonders. All in all one of the best foods I feed my cats. Good work grau.
16/02/17 | Michael
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Good and reliable cat food

This food is pricey but highly recommended. It's quite consistent and both my cats like it. Good if your cats have food sensitivities and worth including in any food rotation scheme
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neither cats would touch it

My two cats go wild for wet food. we rarely give it to them because it makes one have very bad wet stools and odour. We tried this grain free one - it is only one of two wet foods that they have not even touched. must be a matter of taste - it seemed very much like other tinned foods - but is quite solid and dry. was very surprised that both of them left it untouched.
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the Best wet food ever!
18/10/14 | Melanie Mahon UK
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Great...kitten loves this!

My 5 month old really really loves this.Good quality as you can see on opening.Some good offers on mixed packs from Zooplus and lots of options on flavours and sizes too. Generally very good opinions on nearly all of the German foods due to very strict manufacturing policies so reassuring. I will keep on with these as I am happy if Puss is happy!
12/05/14 | fran smith
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Picky siameses

Cats love the salmon, turkey and mackeral flavour Grau catfood, not too keen on other flavours but this one is a hit! Worth getting a trial pack to suss you cats taste out. I couldn't feed mine this everyday due to cost but like to feed them Grau now and again to ensure they get some meat into their diet. a
22/04/13 | Claire
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Great Quality

We have been trying to get our adopted cat off of Whiskas and onto something with a higher meat content and no added sugars. He really likes this. Smells meaty without being an overpowering smell and a nice consistency, like a course pate which he enjoys. Great quality and affordable. What's not to like?!!
14/07/12 | Tigerlily & Woody's Human
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Red Meat for Kittens

Red meat that's suitable for kittens, and 70% meat (35% muscle) at that - what's not to like?! Our two wolf it down, and it gives them a nice change from the inevitable tuna, chicken, tuna, chicken of most kitten foods. A welcome change for them that has no ill effects "on the way out."
05/01/12 | Anna Colgan
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Fantastic for old and diabetic cats

I have been feeding this food to my two 20 year old cats (one of whom is diabetic) now for a few months, and they both love it. They have taken to it straight away and are happy with all the flavours. The food has no unpleasant smells and a firm texture that is easily 'squashed' with a fork for easy eating. Highly recommended!