01/05/22 | Aisling

Food inedible - no refund from zooplus -Order elsewhere

Ordered 4 boxes(48 pouches) in early December. I've been feeding Hills to my cat since he was 8 weeks old so I'm familiar with he product and the usual chunky consistency. All 48 pouches I received from Zooplus were complete mush, and smell foul - completely unusable. I've never had this issue with any other hills products purchased anywhere else. After contacting Hills directly, they informed me under their product guarantee, Zooplus need to refund me for all 4 boxes. After weeks, still nothing
12/04/18 | Roman

My kittens favourite

We have tried : Applaws Royal canin Gourmet Shiba Even whiskas But our kittens only enjoyed Hills Couldn't recommend them more
06/10/18 | Julie Thomas

Chicken n Turkey pouches

Our kittens Luther n Zeus British shorthairs absolutely love this food from the very first time I opened their pouches they eat it so fast n lick their dishes, they both have silky shiny coats bright eyes since they are silver n black bsh cats their coats really stand out so pleased we found this

Happy kitten

My cat loves it so much!
03/31/14 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

our cat's favourite food

Hill's wet food is the only food that our cat eats. We've tried other wet foods in the past, both expensive and cheapo brands but she gave them one sniff and then walked away. I was forced to throw so much food away. But she can hardly wait for me to put her Hill's food out and barely a moment later the food is gone. If you have a fussy pet, this is probably the answer. That's why I give this food 5 stars. She likes the beef pouches too.
02/26/14 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

favourite food

My cat loves this food. She always gets this food at the weekend and Hill's dry food during the week.
04/26/13 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

not quite good enough for a Maine Coon, but ok

My Maine coon likes the sauce, will lick it up but leave the chunks. Sometimes she will eat it if nothing else is offered, but she preferred the applaws tins. The other two are very keen of these pouches.
09/12/12 | originally published in zooplus.co.uk

They love it!

We give our cats wet food at the weekends as a treat (we try all sorts of flavours). They look forward to it all week. The handy thing is that they eat a bit less dry food during the week because they would prefer to eat wet food all week long. The result: they stay nice and slender. :)

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