04/12/18 | Roman
: 5/5

My kittens favourite

We have tried : Applaws Royal canin Gourmet Shiba Even whiskas But our kittens only enjoyed Hills Couldn't recommend them more
10/06/18 | Julie Thomas
: 5/5

Chicken n Turkey pouches

Our kittens Luther n Zeus British shorthairs absolutely love this food from the very first time I opened their pouches they eat it so fast n lick their dishes, they both have silky shiny coats bright eyes since they are silver n black bsh cats their coats really stand out so pleased we found this
: 5/5

Happy kitten

My cat loves it so much!
: 5/5


A good product, healthy and my cat goes wild for it!
03/03/18 | Liza
: 5/5

Not a scrap left

My 3 year old British shorthair - Blue by name and colour (I know don't judge me!) absolutely loves this, infact won't eat anything else, even the other varieties like beef they offer... it's a win win every time.
28/02/18 | Christine Yates
: 5/5

Tabitha loves it!

My 16 year old tabby cat is thriving on this food.Her motions used to be watery but with this food her motions are solid.She loves this food particularly the salmon value.In addition your prices are excellent.
06/08/17 | originally published in zooplus.it
: 5/5


Really excellent, our cat is crazy about it, especially for the fish variety
02/05/17 | originally published in zooplus.it
: 5/5

Great value for money

Got along well with it, next time I will buy a saver pack
19/03/16 | Christine Taylor
: 5/5


My young cats love this food, they have had it for months now and always eat up every bit.
27/05/15 | M Whiting
: 5/5

Very good quality and value - especially for kittens

I have been using Hills for years. ~When I last had kittens in he house I swapped from the kitten food I was using to Hills and they loved it as well as came a long really really well.
04/05/15 | Sam
: 4/5

Very fussy cats liked some but not all

Purchased the Adult Sterilised: Chicken & Salmon, having successfully fed the kitten version to my VERY fussy girls. They weren't too keen on the chicken, but wolfed down the salmon This really is a success for me as they find very little they like
03/05/15 | Caroline Wren
: 5/5

Hills Feline Chunks in Gravy

My stud boy is quite a fussy eater but he loves these and never gets tired of them. His bowl is always clean after his dinner!
03/05/15 | Anna
: 5/5

Very good and my cat love it

Very good food for cat simply to serve and very tasty u cat love it
03/05/15 | Miss Karen Goodwin
: 5/5

my cats special like

My 12 year cat was diagnised with kidney problems. The vet recommended we put her on a low protein diet. We find this is a suitable product for her. More important she looks forward to her pouches. And she is doing fine.
03/05/15 | CAROLINA
: 5/5

very nice as an addition to dry food

I use these pouches as treats in a dry food based diet and my cats absolutely love it!
03/05/15 | Hazel
: 4/5

Bit pricey but good quality food...

I always buy Hill's dry food for my cats as they love it and it is better for them that a lot of other brands. I buy them different wet food from time to time (the bulk of the diet is dry food - the wet food is just an extra really) - this is definitely one of their favorites though and is much better quality than some of the cheaper brands. It is expensive but I think my babies deserve it...
03/05/15 | Joanne Davis
: 5/5

My cats love hills pouches!

My two teenage kitties have a mix of hills dry and hills pouches and they absolutely adore these! I like the the multipacks as I feel I'm giving them a little variety and though I wish the pouch was 100g I feel the price that zooplus charges is very competitive, especially when you have loyalty discounts as well. I always buy my food from zooplus and I love the customer service.
19/03/15 | Diana
: 3/5

Cats definitely have preferences

I tried the Hill's Senior 11+ to see if our two 14 1/2 year old Burmese cats liked it. They didn't like this food at all. I tried it a few times over the course of 3 days - each time they sniffed it & walked away. I waited a week, then tried it again. They still didn't like it. Also, the food itself once opened & in the bowl has quite a pungent smell. Our cats prefer the Royal Canin Aging food. They always eat it, never turn their noses up at it and it does not smell like the Hill's.
26/04/13 | shelly
: 4/5

not quite good enough for a Maine Coon, but ok

My Maine coon likes the sauce, will lick it up but leave the chunks. Sometimes she will eat it if nothing else is offered, but she preferred the applaws tins. The other two are very keen of these pouches.
22/09/12 | Julie
: 5/5

Thank goodness - he loves it!!

Needed a specialised cat food for very fussy stray taken in 7 years ago who is sadly now showing signs of kidney failure along with teeth problems so Vet advised soft foods. Smudgie totally loves Matures Adult 7+ Chicken and would totally lick all gravy first if I did not mash all of sachet ingredients together!! Seems to be much happier in himself since feeding these thank goodness.