01/08/19 | Lee-Ann Swain

Great product

My Maximus loves this cat food, literally licks clean the bowl


Best diabetic cat food

This is the best diabetic cat food I have tried and I've tried them all .my cat us nearly 19 and turned diabetic in the summer after trying other brands that upset her stomach found this and gave it a go she loves it doesn't upset her stomach would recommend it

08/07/18 | Rachel Hand

My cats eat the 100g tins but refuse the 200g tins- weird!

The chicken and beef are devoured in the 100g tins, but when I tried to reduce the costs and buy the larger 200g tins, they sniff it and walk away! The consistency and texture varies visibly between the two and there is a greater percentage of white fatty deposits in the 200g tins. I have no way of knowing the contents but my cats sure seem to be able to tell that something is different. SO far I throw away more than they eat so the 200g tins are not a cost saving- be warned.


Great food,great price

Tried this on my diabetic cat the other day,he loves it,loves all the flavours,he licks the bowl clean.Im delighted because I had him on 2 other brands but he got tired of eating them and was leaving food in his bowl.

01/04/18 | ann

at last

I tried this with my cat at the same time as the katovit done a full explanation on the review on the katovit tinned tuna after starving himself till I found this and katovit he loves them