26/08/21 | Mary Ryan
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

So relieved to find this food!

A very elderly, semi-feral cat has decided to move in to our house. She was very thin and couldn't eat any food with lumps or a flaky texture. I ordered some of this Miamor Pate and hoped for the best. It was like a miracle! She relished the first tin I gave her and immediately asked for a second. She finished that too and then, went to her bed and had a lovely wash. This was the first time I had seen her look so contented. She is eating 4 or 5 tins a day now and is starting to fill out.
23/01/16 | Lucy
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A hit!

A grain free food which my cat licks the bowl clean!! So far tried Salmon, Chicken and Pheasant. Not chunky and very very moist which is great as she has hardly any teeth left yet she can eat this with ease. Will buy again.
27/10/10 | HGF
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Didn't touch the sides!

You'd think to look at the small tin, that there wouldn't be enough in it; however, one tin does fill a dish when you mash it up. My two cats loved the pheasant variety (the first one they tried). I was a little worried they wouldn't, because they've never had pate before. Its an excellent quality food, at a very reasonable price. I give it as a treat meal, rather than an everyday occurance - just to spice things up for my moggies.
07/07/07 | Liz Falconer
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Great food!

At last a food that all three of my cats will eat! There is no waste at all now and with so many varieties they do not get bored! Thanks for stocking this great food Zooplus and for an excellent customer service. I recommend you to all pet owners I know!