07/16/20 | Mrs. Cindy Meyer

I am put off by the amount of fat/greece in the pouches.

my cat's like it but I am put off by the amount of greece/fat in the pouces. It's so tick and it sticks to the inside of the pouches. I find that it is the same with the tins too, very fatty. I know that cat's need fat in their diet but the amount both in the tins and pouches does seem somewhat excessive. I could be wrong, perhaps this amount of fat is the correct amount for cats.
11/09/18 | Patricia Gracey

Fussy cat thumbs up for Smilla

I recently stopped feeding my cat dry food and was looking for a healthier wet food without grains or sugars. I’m happy to say my cat loves the mixed pouches, especially the chicken and the beef. He’s starting to get used to the rabbit. I like the variety of a mixed pack because so many commercially available catfoods contain fish and the cat gets used to the strong flavour and won’t eat anything else. I read you should only give a cat fish 1-2 timea/week. So it’s paws up for Smilla!

My picky cat loves it

It is the first time that I buy this product as they changed the recipe of the brand that I used to get and my picky cat wasn't very happy with the flavour change. I was a little worried that he wouldn't eat it, specially after reading other reviews and seeing that some cats did reject the rabbit variant. My cat (did I mention that he is reaaally picky? 😁) loves it, including the rabbit one. I would definitely buy it again
05/13/17 | sumac

Great. I wish they did fish varieties in pouches too.

My two cats love this food. Having had the small tins of regular Smilla and surprisingly loved them, I tried them on the sterilised pouches as they are both neutered and need to lose a bit of weight and I find pouches much more convenient than tins. There is a bit more jelly than the tins and I add a little water as this type of 'corned beef' texture food tends to be drier than most. They like all the varieties, I just wish they did more, especially fish!

Great food but Rabbit not a hit with 4 cats

So they prefer Smilla pouches to the tins (when do cats ever prefer tins that are more cost effective?!) but they don't like the rabbit flavour so it's too expensive to buy this for the other 2 flavours which is disappointing as the beef goes down like I've given them a plate of fillet steak!
08/13/16 | Aga Kuleta

Fussy cat likes it

I would never buy it, because the ingredients don't look too great, but I got it free sample and my fussy cat loved it. He needs to put the weight on so I won't argue. The problem is that he only likes the chicken variety, so I won't buy it again until I can get a single flavour as the rest ends up in a bin.

Single flavour please

Excellent food but rabbit variety is a serious no no! Separating the flavours gives more personalised choice and a saving of cash.
07/16/16 | Matt

A great idea - but needs to be available in cans too!

A grain-free, non-prescription diet designed specifically for neutered cats, maintaining both a healthy weight and urinary system (big worries in neutered adults) gives you peace of mind. The problem is, making this iteration of Smilla only available in pouches is somewhat limiting. It's far more expensive per 100g for a start, but also, if your cats dislike one of the flavours (in my household it's chicken) the solitary choice of the variety pack leaves you with a lot of waste. Cans please!
10/25/15 | Lucky

Great food

Smells great but sadly my cat is not fond of the rabbit variety. Every other flavour gets woofed down with no probs :)

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