08/05/23 | Ivy
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Not As Wet As Expected

I bought this specifically because I thought it was going to be very soupy which is ideal for keeping my boys hydrated. I was disappointed to find it's no wetter than other brands of a similar make-up. Still, it's a good food that my boys enjoyed.
16/08/22 | Wendy Kaufman
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Arthur Guinness, you are my hero

Needed a water-y canned food to up my cats' hydration. The only ones that are watery-enough only come packed with 4 chicken to 2 fish, and none of my 3 likes the chicken. It's a pretty expensive way to feed. Arthur, you had such a fun review that I knew this would be for my cats, and it was. The rest of you, it's not as watery as he so delightfully makes it sound. Its ratio is a lot like that of canned human tuna. My dowager still prefers the other brand, but my other two gobbled this down. Win.
09/12/21 | Arthur Guinness
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 2/5

Fancy schmancy designer packaging. Mostly water. Still Starving:

My person thought to try this for me coz it looks healthy for clean-living cats. It smelt good, good starter snack, but… what? It’s a tiny amount of meat for an active predator like me… I can’t be fabulous on so little protein shredded into liquid. I feel cheated, i’m still starving! Not fair! I’d eat at least three cans just to be able to limp out the door and go hunting.