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Always the better choice

Our cat seems to love this stuff and the tins in our order were grain free. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who is concerned about where the meat in their animal’s food is coming from. We smash it first before feeding it to him. Combine this with Smolke’s dry (MSC) food and you’re good to go.
12/07/18 | Katie Doyle
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Not Grain Free

I see in the reviews that people think this is Grain Free it is not it has corn/cereals in the ingredients. Unless the product actually says "grain free" then it is not. Yarrah Organic Wellness Pâté is grain free but unfortunately it only comes in 100g cartons. With 3 cats to feed that gets pretty expensive.
16/02/17 | Anita Whateley
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Yarrah Organic Cat food

My Cat Ozzie love's all the tinned Yarrrah cat food. Started him on Yarrah, because he was very run down, with an eye infection, last summer. The vet said he would always have a problem, because of underline health problems. Since Christmas my Ozzie is now in the best of health , now has very bright eyes. If you cat is under the weather give him the best chance with Yarrah cat food.
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The only food of this quality my cats will eat

Tried all other organic, grain free foods and my boys turned their noses up. They much prefer the fish flavour to the chicken one. Very pleased to have found a quality food they enjoy.
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Cat food with ethics!

In our efforts to find high quality, complete wet foods with high meat content and no grains, it's easy to overlook the source of the meat itself. This gives a bit of peace of mind. It originally took a week or so for my two cats to get used to it (as with anything new) but now they both adore it and happily wolf it down. I mash it up with a fork as, while it calls itself a pate, it can be a little tough. In relation to the previous reviewer - the trays are grain-free, but the cans aren't.
04/04/16 | originally published in zooplus.de
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simply the best

It is especially important to us that for a cat that lives with us, no other animals have to suffer. Therefore, we only use organic cat food. After a bit of research, we found yarrah. It is suistanable,but yet still affordable. We always choose chicken as it has the highest percentage of meat in it. The cat is healthy and absolutely loves it.
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5 stars from Evey Hammond

My Evey loves this, would live on it if she was allowed to. She is happy, shiny and healthy so gets my vote too. Only one thing...why has the 12 pack gone from this site?
12/02/15 | Clark
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Yummmm organic

My cats absolutely love it. All four of them. Was really suprised as it looks a bit gross. And usually one or two of them are picky. First wet food they have all enjoyed.
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Ethical without breaking the bank

I love my cats but, as an animal lover and a vegetarian, I naturally feel a sense of conflict in feeding them the meat they need to enjoy their natural diet. Yarrah products are organic and have an excellent ethical profile. Importantly too, our kitties seem to love this stuff and never tire of the pate (which has a higher meat content than the chunks). They have been thriving on the stuff for a couple of years now. If you too have concerns about the meat industry I would definitely recommend giving this a try!
05/12/11 | Jennifer
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Great food!

Our three cats love this pate and turn their noses up at other food if we run out! One of our cats is 17 and finds it difficult to keep some food down, but he is able to easily digest this food. We also find that it is good value for money because the tin has no jelly in it, just pate. Great tasting (according to our cats) and ethical!
27/02/11 | veggie cat lover
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ethical and wholesome

I have been having problems with one of my two short hair menaces, who after a while on various premium brands began to develop intolerance/allergy signs on his mouth. The vet recommended a prescription hypoallergenic diet, as frequently the culprit is a particular protein. Before committing myself to it (feeding different food to two cats seemed to me a disaster waiting to happen!), I tried Yarrah. The problem has not reoccurred. And both like the food more than other brands. Besides, from an ethical standpoint, Yarrah is an excellent option. I would recommend it without hesitation.
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It's ok...

I have no doubt this is healthy food, but it isn't my cats favourite food. They both eat it finally but they prefer other brands.