02/09/21 | Fiona Brownlie

Useless for the garden

I bought this ahead of summer, thinking it would provide shade and a getaway in the garden. It is a tent fabric, looks like a tent but came with nothing to secure it into the grass! It will just blow away!

03/28/19 | Monika

Cat loves it!

Out bengal loves it

11/22/18 | su

great tent for you furbabies

We brought two of these tents for our cats and they love them they pop up and fold flat in seconds great value for money

11/20/18 | Su

Cats love it!!!

Our cats took a little while to get used to the tents but since then they both love them good hiding places esp if they want peace and quiet

09/16/18 | Justine

Cat camp tent

Cheap . Got for kittens rods burst through material didn't have much use now in bin.

08/04/18 | Vikki

I love it...

I love this for inside and out. Just wish I was small enough to get in it as none of my cats like it lol. Maybe one day lol.



It is very good but small I am getting it for my dog but it is too expensive I spent all of my money on a phone case so I will give it 4

06/02/18 | Jackie Compton

Cat Camp Tent

My 12 week old kittens absolutely love this tent to go and hide away in. Was an absolute bargain for the quality and would highly recommend.

05/23/18 | Mary Houghton


I love these tents they are great for my cats. I have 2 bengals and they play rough hide and seek in the tent. They have so much fun playing in it. The last one is now used as their toy stash. lol Thats their doing not mine! Highly recommend them. PS Great in the summer for the garden too.

05/17/18 | Nichole Rushton

Perfect for large Maine Coons

We have 2 large Maine Coons (7kg and 10kg) who sunbathe on our 1st floor balcony most of the summer but I’m always trying to fashion sun protection for them (haphazardly). These tents are PERFECT and both boys jumped straight in! The fact they collapse so easily is just icing on the cake!



my cat loves to play in it and it's amazingly good value!

12/24/17 | Rogue Sunshine

Easy to fold and pop up!

Our older cat preferred the fake sheep skin tent but our new kitten loves this. Popped a few blankets inside and it's his new favourite place. Great price too

06/08/17 | Eck

It's been trashed by kittens!!

I bought this tent a couple of months ago and it's now in the bin!! The kittens have had a fab time playing in it, the poles that are in the corners do not fair well with rough and tumble from the kittens. I've repaired where the wire comes out, but hasn't been enough, so decided to throw it away. Only one negative, and that's the material around corners could do with reinforcing a few times, I was going to get some duck tape, but the kittens nibble on anything. Kittens love it, it's funny to watch their antics. Definitely 5***

04/16/17 | Fran Kirkham

So cosy

Our 2 cats both love this but our BSH has really claimed it as his own. He's often found playing with a toy in there or sound asleep . Great value for money

04/15/17 | Patricia Braid

Cats have the best fun in this tent

I bought the first tent over 18 months ago when I got two Persian kittens to add to the cat family. The tent has given them the best fun as they take turns diving into it then roll it over and over like a hamster on a wheel. So funny. They also sleep in it now and again. My two older British Shorthairs also take turns in the tent now and again. I've since bought a second tent and now they get double the fun.


Using as playden for guinea pig

I use this for my guinea pigs in their outdoor run along with tunnels. It's easy to clean and big enough for two-three to chill in. It's not suitable as outdoor protection from weather conditions so don't use it as such as it's not weather resistant.


Easy to clean!

I have an elderly cat who is shedding her fur terribly and is often sick. She is pretty much bed bound now and I am finding cleaning the fluffy cat domes / tents very difficult. This one is easy to clean and I use old towels and blankets that I am happy to throw away after a while. She has a heat pad which sits nicely in the bottom. All in all an excellent buy for very little cost!


Ignore the review before

How can it be too small for Ragdolls - cats love small spaces! I have 4 cats (2 are Ragdolls and they squash in this together (albeit sitting on heads etc) even though they all have their own. All 4 love this, where it is so cheap, I can keep buying them too - best cat den around.


Cats don't like it

I bought this to put in my cats outdoor run for a sun shelter but they refuse to go into it, perhaps it's too small for them as they are Ragdolls

04/15/16 | Jo

So much fun!

My kittens absolutely love this! As soon as it came out the packaging they were playing in it. Not sure how long it will last but for the price it doesn't matter. Money well spent.