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Admired by all not only the cats

Admired by all, its the sweetest pad for our two BSH Boys. We add cushions for the winter.
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Our two love this. They are almost never in there at the same time. They each like the viewing platform of the penthouse suite! And the lower deck - 'coach house' is a favourite place to hide when strangers are visiting. Well made and highly recommended.
15/01/18 | angela
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great for kittens

my kittens love this as they like to chase each other around the den and playing on the steps, i have to say my older cats are not so fussy about the den. fairly easy to put together
04/12/17 | Marsha
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Pen for bunnies

Ordered this pen for my house bunnies. Really easy to put together, they're both really intrigued by it. I was worried the steps might be an issue but they've had absolutely no problem with them. We're all very happy
30/07/17 | Wendy
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Painted well
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Easy to put together, well built for the price and my skunks love it ❤️
07/01/17 | Alex
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I know this meant to be for cats but I brought this for my 2 dogs, I hadn't even finished building it and they were in it and on it is big enough for them to both be either on top or in the den. They really love as now they can sit on top bunk and watch the birds in the garden so very happy with the purchase. No sharp edges easy to assemble took around 10 mins with the dogs help
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 3/5

Not bad

I was really excited to get this after reading all the reviews. I wanted to paint it up to fit in with other furniture but before I could, I had to attack it with sandpaper and files. There are sharp, splintered edges everywhere and dents and holes shoddily filled in with filler. I'm hoping that once I get it on the carpet it won't wobble so much. Not sure if it was just mine or they are all like that but it was a little disappointing. I am hoping that once its painted up it'll hide the bad bits
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Prince cat den

Loved it. Packing and delivery exceptional. I bought two of these and am extremely pleased with them. Exceptionally easy to put together. I purchased these for my 5 chihuahuas and miniature long haired dachshund. They love the top deck. Dachshund and 2 chihuahua went on the top deck of the first one I assembled straight away. Very roomy with plenty of space. I have put one in my untily room for now and the other in my hall. Very attractive piece of furniture. Solid and stable. Don't hesitate to purchase. Highly recommended.
02/10/15 | Claire-Louise
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Great cat house for summer and winter.

What a fab little cat house this is!! So easy to assemble and looks amazing, will be fantastic in my beach themed garden once painted up - the cat beach hut!! Will need to add a waterproof layer to decking for the winter (the slatted floor and roof of the house below will not be sufficient) but it'll also be the perfect sun trap in the summer... and Loki & Kali love it!!!
18/06/15 | wendy
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This is so cute my 2 cats love it! Its so easy to put together and great value. Its not to big nor to small, no need to paint it if you don't wish too its a lovely colour as it is. Very pleased!
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Great product

Looks good and comfy. Easy to install. a cat fave. Quick delivery from dhl, I had the free delivery as spent over certain amount but dhl were fab they emailed me saying what time the parcel due (1hour slot) on the day and if your not in you can change the delivery day on there website. The best delivery company I have used. Ordered Monday recieved Thursday :) highly recommend using them!!
07/12/14 | Mrs M
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Great buy

Debated whether to order this for our cat, didn't think he'd use it. Looked locally for something suitable and found nothing. Easily assembled and an instant hit. Our cat was straight over, giving it a full inspection and has been inside and up on his "deck". Will be putting on a wood preserve then painting it so it can go outside for a winter shelter and summer retreat. Good value and recommend, there was a wee dent in it crudely filled in with wood filler but for the price can't complain. Generally finish is good and is bigger and better quality than had expected.
03/12/14 | Alice Coppinger
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Love it!

I bought this for my house bunnies as a den and they love it! put it together with ease. Brill
14/08/14 | Kim
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Purchased for my 2 cats who love it !!! I have added 2 pieces of memory foam cut to size and covered them in a luxury fleece. My cats are 15 & 17 and use the steps with no problem. Great design and price. A thumbs up from me and a paws up from them.
11/06/14 | Stacey
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Great houes

Was worried about this bed as was very wobbly when it was put together. But it has held together brilliantly. I would buy another if this one ever broke
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 4/5

Bought for two rescue dogs as a safe house!

In the last six months I have rescued two toy breed of dogs aged between 7 and 4, a Chihuahua and a Chinese crested hairless. The house was bought to act as a safe den, as both dogs have spent the majority of there lives being crated in multi dog households which is not something I wanted to replicate but I did appreciate they are use to having a enclosed space to call there own. The Chinese crested will hide in the house if someone is visiting my home who she isn't keen on, an it has sort of become her 'house' as the Chihuahua will go inside but prefers his corner under my dresser. Neither dogs will contemplate going on the top level so as cute as it is, a carpenter friend is going to trim the top as the varander level just wastes space in my one bedroom flat. I think it's a well constructed sweet house, which allows plenty of room for personalisation. I am going to be staining the house a antique walnut to fit with a vintage styled bedroom with furniture from the 1920s complete with a floral patterned bed. As a whole this product possible hasn't worked as intended but its just the right size for 6.3kg chinease crested she certainly couldn't fit in anything smaller. I will post a photo ones its been trimmed to size and painted, A great item especially if bought at the reduced price.
13/06/13 | Lin
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Something different

This is a really attractive piece of 'cat furniture'. It's easy to assemble & feels sturdy. Neither cat has used the ladder, but it could be useful when they're old. Both prefer upstairs but I think downstairs will be a hit in the winter. The subtle colouring means it will look good anywhere in the house. I'm very pleased with this purchase.
19/05/13 | Cheryl
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Great Item

I bought this for my cats and my new Chihuahua pup. It's completely brilliant. Only thing I would say is that the steps could have done with some sort of anti-slip material on them. I bought some self adhesive carpet tiles, cut them to shape and stuck them on the steps and one on the top deck at the top of the steps. All the animals are much happier to go on the top now, and it has given me piece of mind. I got a pack of 3 carpet tiles from pound land, so I still have 2 spare if I should need to replace any.
20/02/13 | tjh
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Great product, great price.

We are really pleased with this. It looks very neat and tidy, as it's just the right size - not too big or too high. I assembled it myself and it was a pleasure. Probably the most straightforward flat pack I've ever encountered; very easy and helpful. It was bought for our two kittens and kitted out with a nice blanket in the bottom and their bed on the top. (pics above, numbers 21 and 22 I think, with bin beside for scale) At the moment, the top is more popular and cats do seem to like being up high, but I think when they are fully grown, the hideaway at the bottom will see more use.