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Nice house but not perfect

This is a lovely house, good build quality and easy to put together thanks to the clear instructions. The main issue is that it's quite difficult to access the internal areas without taking it apart. If you cat deposited something in there you'd probably never know until it started smelling bad. It's also tricky to add/ check/ remove bedding, which you really need as the floor on the bottom has gaps in it. I would buy another but would probably look to modify it with a hatch at the back.
30/03/18 | Michelle Sharrocks
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Cat house

Fantastic delivered very fast... All built very easy me and my 6yr old grandson built it looks lovely... Just got to get the cats to go in it now
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A palace for three homeless kittens

Received quickly and my cats loved it at once. They two floors are big enough for 3 cats (7 months). I put it on a garden table on our covered terrace to keep it away from our dogs..... Very happy with this pretty little house.
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A marvellous refuge

My stray loved it right away! He was curled up both on the terrace and inside (on the upper level) within just a few minutes. It has a solid and comfortable appearance. Excellent value for money.
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Lovely house

The house was super easy and quick to assemble, I've very excited so far. Looks nice, smells nice of course. Price/performance fit well. Unfortunately the cats have not yet accepted it - although they usually climb into every cupboard, they do not want to go into the cat house... Hopefully that will change soon. Otherwise, I can only recommend it.
27/12/17 | originally published in zooplus.fr
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Very cute!

I am very satisfied with my purchase. The small house is exactly like the photo on the website. The indoor spaces are spacious for cats, I think two of them can even get in a compartment at the same time.
14/11/17 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Perfect for the patio

I was looking for a product that would work in both winter and summer. Definitely perfect for the winter - I have put cushions in and now it's really cosy. Love the colour.