06/05/22 | Ada

our cat loooooves it!

she loves the heat form radiator and would climb on them every time we were drying something on them. So we did not really have a choice not to get one of those. decided to choose this one because of the value and to see it would be used. And it is. Very happy with the purchase. If you have a bigger cat you may want to invest in one with stronger structure. Our is standard size but quite lean.

01/18/22 | Steen

Good for the money

After unpacking it seemed rather useless since the frame didn't fit the radiator, but apparently you have to bend the wire in the right angle yourself. The bed is a bit unstable as there is no firm bottom but we placed the cats favorite pillow on top of it. Seems to work for the cat :-)


It's ok

I suppose you get what you pay for, it sits at a very odd angle, the bed part is not flat at all, the frame seems sturdy, but the wrong shape, the fabric is ok.

10/24/21 | Vytenis

Vytenis P.

A very good bad for small cats (max. 2-3kg). For heavier ones (my one cat> 4kg), I just braided the frame with a tennis racket string and it holds him OK :)

06/11/21 | Katerina Isacenko

Love it!

Hammer loved it from the very first day!

01/30/21 | Nikki

Definitely recommended!!

Cover fits frame purrfectly and both cats adore their new beds! Their new favourite hang out spot!

10/30/19 | S. DARCY

Very poor cover for the frame

Really disappointed with this product, the material doesn't even fit the frame properly so the cat can only lie on half of it.... I'd would think again about buying anything like this on zooplus again, and I've been buying off the site for a while now.... very very disappointing



fits our 10cm deep radiator perfectly, so the cover is nice and taut and the frame feels reassuringly sturdy. supports the weight of the cat (sometimes two cats!) and doesn't sit at a funny angle. really good value.