Useless !!!

I've got 2 chihuahuas and 2 cats and not a single one of them uses this chair, I really regret my purchase that I made based on the other reviews. I just don't get it .
04/26/19 | Tracy Sornsen


Hugo loves his bed, well made and cover and cushion wash lovely x
06/30/18 | Joanne Leighton


Really great looking pod! We haven't put the fur inside bit in as we think it looks so much nicer just with the cushion. Also that bit now acts as another cushion they can use. The lovely grey colour also perfectly matches our new glass lampshades :)

Modern, looks the part

My NFC loves this bed, just big enough for him. Luckily he is an old Cat and just wants a restful snug so suits him. \Not sure would suit energetic pets due to stability. Deffo need replacement covers. Value for money- bit on exspensive side for what it is but does look the part
06/04/17 | Haze

Took a while!

Ordered this when Leo my Maine Coon was a kitten. For probably 6-9 months he didn't want to know it. He's now 3 yrs old and sleeps in it every night. Not sure why he didn't like it at first - maybe there was a smell I couldn't detect that has now worn off? He looks very grand in his little chair - I do however wish it wasn't white - looks lovely after a wash, but doesn't stay that way for very long.-
03/21/17 | Mrs G Brannan

Where to get replacement covers?!

This is a fantastic bed & it us always in use (two dogs,two cats) which means that the cover wore thin & I had to dispense with it leaving a bed with no cover! Have tried using cushions/blankets etc but they all keep sliding out when the pets go in so now I have a great product which my pets won't use- a replacement cover should be available to buy separately or at least point us in the right direction for getting one, so, I can't honestly give 5 stars because of this issue.
10/02/15 | SLJ


There's a queue forming to use this fantastic bed. Even the octagonal box from the chrome base is being used as a bed - just got to work out a fair usage scheme for my cats.
02/11/15 | Marissa Rea-Gibson

Excellent for Maine Coons

I have two large Maine Coons , I bought one of the white beds and at first they would not entertain it, now they fight over who is getting into it first !!! time to buy another I think
11/05/14 | Lainey

Fab Maine Coon bed

Bought this for our 2 Maine Coon kittens, they didn't like it at first. NOW, well they actually race to see who is first in it. They are now 6 months old and still fit in together, for how long, who knows? They love it. The only thing they don't like is the fluffy cushion. SO I took it out. May order another one if they can't get in together in future. BRILLIANT and its a piece of furniture not just a pet bed
11/03/14 | Kathrin

Stylish, but..

This chair is very stylish and looks really good in a modern home. There are a couple of issues though which is why I only gave it 4 stars. Within a couple of days the glass dish that sits between the plastic bowl/chair and the metal leg started to crack and I only noticed because lots of little glass splinters ended up on the floor. We took the glass dish out and it seemed together ok without it, but the chairs is a little wobbly. Our Slinky does like it although he makes a bit of a meal of it trying to get in and doesn't seem to sleep in it for long... Fussy cat!
03/06/14 | Nikki & Teddy

Five *****

Ordered this for my little shih tzu and it arrived promptly, well packaged and I can safely say he loves it. He snuggled into it straight away. Easily cleaned,super stylish design and big enough to last him - all in all very happy :)
01/12/14 | Jackie

Funky cat bed

I brought this for my cats along with the grey one. For some reason they fight over who's having the white one. Very stylish and my cats love it. In fact I must have brought 10 different beds in the past. This is the first one that actually has been used. It's a case of one in one out,
12/02/13 | caroline j duke

love this bed!!

Id bought this as a christmas present for my two cats but i couldn't wait to put it together!! very sturdy&looks very expensive both me &my cats r really chuffed thanks zooplus!!☆★☆★☆ miss caroline j duke x
08/13/13 | Angela

Beautiful Bed

If I'm honest I think I wanted this bed because it looked so cool but my cats we're just as impressed as I was! Have many cat bed all around the home but this is by far the favourite for two of my three cats so looks like another is on the shopping list. May seem expensive but this is a quality piece of furniture and not something to hide in a corner. Well worth that little bit extra. Highly recommended.
03/06/13 | Cori

Pet Nest for a Maine Coon

This chair/bed is awesome - it looks great and my fully grown maine coon can actually fit in it. Fab!
11/19/12 | Lydia

insanely Chic

I bought the Retro Pet nest for my Chihuahua and she loves it very much! It is stable, looks awfully chic and is soo fluffy. And now, with a reduced price, highly recommended!

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