30/08/18 | Rebecca
: 5/5

Must be good - my fusspot loves it!

My cat has not taken to ANY bed, ever, until I bought this one - it must be comfy! She loves the pillow type bottom and has room to lay flat out or curled up. It is a decent size and lives on our tiny landing and does not get in the way. It can be awkward to vacuum when she's maulting though!
28/11/16 | Charcoal's owner
: 5/5

Purrfect bed!!

My cat Charcoal took to this lovely comfy bed straight away. It is so soft and just a right size for a full grown male cat. He has other beds around the house but this one seems to be his favourite 👧🏻😸👘
05/01/14 | Ann
: 5/5

My cat is happy

My cat being a typical cat, he prefers to sleep under my bed, in a cardboard box and on my laptop etc, rather than in a 'cat bed'. Previous bed was a hit and miss (it was a firm, shallow bed) but he adores this bed. We did not force him onto it, but put the bed to the spot he likes to nap in our hall. Once he discovered how soft the cushion was, he was certainly keen to give it a go. He seems to be so chilled when sleeping in this bed that I saw a little mouse running across 4 inches away from where his face was....! My cat is happy (apart from the mouse incident) and I am happy.
16/12/13 | Anita Cormier
: 5/5

Totally awesome

My Mango loves this bed to bits, as he's a big boy, he fits in nicely and thinks he's the king of his castle, which of course he is. Now, Chutney, his twin sister but a tortie now wants to have a go, so it's worth buying another one so she can enjoy the luxury too. We did receive this item for free with our order, brilliant choice of freebie, thank you!