08/01/18 | Mila


i had this fountain for over 3 years now, and it still works and pumps water just fine. As long as you changing filters and giving it a good wash once in a week or two - it will last! The only time the water flow is slowing down is when filter gets blocked with hair and that's when it 's time to clean it.
05/08/18 | Anna

Brilliant, cat loves it, although needs change

Love this fountain. Although it is quite big and bulky my cat loves it and seems to get much more water in her thanks to the fresh water fountain. I'd much prefer a ceramic small sized option though if it existed, for aesthetics and feel of quality more than anything else. Bulky to swap water in between the need of changing the filter, so it doesn't seem to filter as good as I had expected, but perhaps that's me not quite knowing what to expect (this is my first water fountain).
04/09/18 | Dominika

Very good and quiet but difficult to open a pump

It’s very good fountain and it’s quiet enough for our small 1bedroom flat. You do need to clean it very regularly including all the little spaces. It’s difficult to open a pump to clean it
04/03/18 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Do not forget to rinse

Useful product but especially do not forget to rinse well under cold water. I'm surprised that lots of black powder comes out which would end up in the water for the cats.

A bit big and plastic, but the cats like it

Good and sturdy.
02/18/18 | Kicia

Great and quiet but you do need to clean it often

It's quiet enough for our one bed flat but you do need to clean very regularly in all little areas and holes. It's difficult to open a pump! This needs to be cleaned inside as well. I use cotton buds and little brushes
02/14/18 | Irene.

Great water fountain!

Easy to set up, easy to clean, quiet running. In all a great fountain and above all my cats love it! I highly recommend this product.
09/10/16 | Andrew Armstrong

Probably the best choice

Tried this fountain after one of my three Norwegian Forest Cats kept tipping or moving the rest. Because this holds about 3 litres of water with a large round bowl, it doesn't move. All three cats use it, I find it reasonably quiet and reliable. Re : the comments of the flow slowing - As well as cleaning the main filter, there is a small filter on the pump which clogs and slows flow, so clean this filter, also, dismantle the pump for cleaning, as it also clogs up.
01/25/16 | Jade

Owned for a long time and still running perfectly!

The comments of splash back water happening against walls is a load of rubbish. They're obviously filling the water much too high - there's a indicator marked onto the fountain showing you how much is "MAX and MINIMUM" - If you don't take it over the max line, the splashing isn't an issue. The fountain is very quiet, you mostly just hear running water. The cats love it - and it's easy to clean too!


They're very good but don't last as long as I'd expected. Vital for pet health.
11/10/15 | Wayne

Digest This

This has been a good buy. Our large Ragdoll can't tip this one up and enjoys drinking from various angles. Possibly the best one on the market. Need to keep on top of cleaning and changing filters but after over two years use its still going strong.
07/31/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Must change filters regularly

As soon as the flow of my fountain decreases or even after a month max, I change the filter. This is done without worry but be careful though to leave the filter under water a few seconds before the place in the machine because there is blackish residues that escapes.


Our 1year old Bengal cross is fascinated by running water, taps, bath etc, but wasn't good at keeping herself hydrated from a bowl. Generally it was something to paw in or push around the floor? When her coat started to suffer, we had to do something to get her to drink more and wondered if a fountain could be the answer. It was an immediate "hit"! She drinks far, far more and watches the fountain in amazement. We can see her coat improving daily. It is very sturdy - even she couldn't shift it and is very quiet. Thank you!

probably the best

I bought this fountain, after trying several others. This is by far the best. It holds more water and is therefore more stable (one of my cats has a habit of pawing at water fountains, resulting in the smaller fountains spilling water). This fountain also has an adjustable flow on top, so you can have a trickle or a full flow.
09/01/14 | Dieselbum, Isabelly and Miss Fluffypants


I'm not sure if the people saying it splashes everywhere are aware they can reduce the flow of water by turning the dial on the top this reduced flow also reduces water splashing noises! It is 100% quieter than our old Catit one, all 3 can drink from it at once, it also looks pretty good. It says to replace the filters every 2 weeks but using filtered water you can leave it for 3 easily providing the fountain is cleaned and refilled with fresh water regularly, I just give the filter a good rinsing when cleaning. Overall 10/10 from me!
06/17/14 | Rosie

Happy cats

My cats love this. I didn't realise just how much water cats need to drink until I got this. Top marks from my cats. Impressed and worth the money!
01/29/14 | julie gregory

good buy, recommended

Fountain is easy to clean and fill and holds plenty of water. It is not at all noisy and is very stable. The cats used it right away and seem to drink more than they did from a plain bowl.
12/28/13 | Alexa Voisey

Cats love it more than others

I have bought a few fountains and because we have Bengals they love running water so the fountains work best. By far this is the best one I have bought. The cats drink from it more than any others I have bought.
12/05/13 | Nicola

Excellent Product

I have tried about 4 other fountains. My bengal cats broke 2 of them by opening them and removing the insides! The others they simply would not drink from. From the moment I set this fountain up they were drinking from it and playing in it. It is robust enough not to be knocked over by boisterous bengals but mimics a tap well enough that the water flows and they enjoy using it. I wanted to try a fountain again as I was moving house and wanted to start as I mean to go on - so not having to get up in the middle of the night to turn on a tap (they will not drink from bowls). 5 star delivery service as always from zooplus - the fountain arrived before I did with the removal van!!!!
06/27/13 | Penny


We have cats that won't drink unless it is from a running tap (expensive!) and cats dehydrated unless we were home... the 360 is brilliant at mimicking a tap. The cats are completely different... at this price you have to give it a go... PS... The filters are much better than the other Drinkwell fountains as they don't leave a grey film at the bottom of the bow!

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