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Love this fountain!

This fountain is just the right size for my 3 kg cat. Zooplus team confirmed me that the replacement pump for this mini version is compatible with the bigger version (Catit 2.0 flower fountain), which is sold on this website. This is really good to know, because owning a fish tank, I know that water pumps eventually lose their original strength after awhile and need to be replaced.
05/01/18 | Luiz Batista
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Bad designed water fountain

Inside this water fountain theres 2 spaces one for dirt water and one for the filtered water that goes up. The pump is inside this small square where the filter stops the dirt and the pump pumps up clean filtered water for your cat. The problem is , the small space where the pump is inside is to small so the water level is always very low making the pump to make noises all the time. This pump is too strong for such a small space. Dont buy this product.
30/12/17 | Suzanne Clancy
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He adores it.

Easy assembly, easy clean. Low noise. My kitten adores this both to drink from and to play with the water. Tried to see if he'd go back to a bowl, out of curiosity, but no, this is what he wants. He loves the different ways the water flows. He sometimes sits watching it. He's happy, I'm happy.
23/11/17 | Sweet Little Angel Cake
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Very Impressed and the m guy gang love it!

Just received my order of 2 of these units. A great size at 1 litre. Easy to put together, no loose lid issues as reported by previous reviewer, just needs a little adjustment, no rocket science required! It's quiet too which is a bonus as 1 of my 6 is a scaredy cat. Just make sure the internal pump faces up centrally underneath the flower to achieve the flower fountain effect and you're there. I highly recommend, a great find..go buy one ☺
02/10/17 | Natalie
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Good fountain

A nice fountain and not too noisy. Although does get a little noisy when it is not completely full. Arrived with the wrong adapter plug and so had to go and buy my own!
04/09/17 | Paul UK
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amazing easy does the job

I bought it for my 6 months cat, he barely drink water from just a bowl. Then had a habit drinking from the tap which I hate it so i get this fountain for him. Its very easy to assembly, fill with water plug in and here we go no stress about it . Just wash it once or twice a week put fresh water from tap. He love it splashing around drinking off. this one its enough for one cat cat and might for two. Doesn't take a lot of space . We are happy :)
03/09/17 | Rebecca Charles
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Cats LOVE it

I bought this as my previous fountain got broken. I needed something square to fit in the corner so this was perfect. Obviously is doesn't hold as much water as larger fountains, but that's not a problem for me as it makes a noise when the water needs topping up and you can just pour water directly onto it without taking it apart. My cats love it and always drink from it. My kitten offer bats at the running water, but that's just normal kitten behaviour so if you have a playful cat, then put a mat or tray under the fountain.