04/01/17 | L Taylor
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In the endless search for ways in which to keep my food-obsessed cat amused and/or not regurgitating this is without doubt the best purchase I've made. He clocks feeding balls, towers, food puzzles etc etc within days, scoffing the lot in seconds and then kindly leaving furry parcels outside my bedroom for me to step in the next morning, but this has kept him going for months. He's fast with it these days, absolutely, but in terms of slowing him down (relatively speaking) and keeping his weight down this has been a godsend. If your cat has a one track food mind like mine, to the extent that nothing - and I mean NOTHING - gets between him and his food, this is a must.
15/10/15 | nta16
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Very good

This has been very good at getting my cat to slow down his eating and to have slightly smaller portions by sometimes leaving some food for later. I've only used it with dry food so far. It is easy to fit into the washing-up bowl and to clean and towel dry. The four feet pads on it are small so it does move slightly sometimes on the (unpolished) wooden flooring. Overall - very good.
27/05/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Really cool!

I've got two cats and they both used to gulp down their food like crazy! The prongs mean that they now eat slower and not so frantically. At the beginning, one of my cats refused to use this but with some coaxing (and some demonstrating!), this is no longer a problem! :) I wouldn't use wet food with this, as they eat the food from their paws and that could get your floor dirty!
28/04/15 | originally published in zooplus.de
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Unwrap, fill with food and away you go - even our cat showed a lot of perseverance with this feeder (not usually his strong suit)! It is stylish and easy to clean, plus it's non-slip so it doesn't move too much at dinner time. Highly recommended!