23/10/21 | Arthur Guinness Again
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Repurchased as it rocks

This is so good I led my person to buy me another. She chops my wet food into small cubes as otherwise I am a heathen and try to face-scoop the entire plate in one go like a snow plough. Then I get food up my nostrils which is ick and very impossible to get out.
06/08/21 | Arthur Guinness
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Finally, a bowl I can lick every drop and morsel off!

Finally after five months of dastardly inaccessible droplets and dried-up nuggets, my person has had the intelligence, (for a human), to get me a dish that suits my purposes! Holy smoking barbecue mackerel, if only it didn’t take them so long to work it out !

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