Savic Gobble-Stop Bowl, 0.4l

: 5/5
A melamine bowl by Savic which helps your cat eat more slowly for improved digestion and increased dental hygiene....further information
Product description
Savic Gobble-Stop Bowl, 0.4l
Savic Gobble-Stop Bowl, 0.4l
Savic Gobble-Stop Bowl, 0.4l
Savic Gobble-Stop Bowl, 0.4l
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Product description

A melamine bowl by Savic which helps your cat eat more slowly for improved digestion and increased dental hygiene.

This ivory coloured, non-slip Savic melamine bowl has an integrated elevation which will stop your dog bolting its food. Your dog has to eat around the “obstacle” and this will prevent it from gobbling its food. The eating time increases by up to 50%. This bowl is suitable for all foods and for water.

Slower eating has many positive advantages. Your dog will feel full up more quickly which prevents over-eating. The chewing phase is also longer. This increases saliva production which helps the digestive system. And a longer chewing phase is good for dental hygiene.

Melamine is a special, very light, scratch resistant, shock-proof plastic. It is durable and does not react to changes in temperature. The surface is almost china-like and very hygienic, making it excellent to serve food on.

The bowl is easy to clean – simply place in the dishwasher. There is a rubber ring on the base which prevents it slipping about.

Savic Gobble-Stop Bowl at a glance:

  • Colour: ivory
  • Material: Melamine, scratch resistant and shock proof
  • Improved dental hygiene and digestion
  • Slower feeding means your pet feels full more quickly and helps to prevent overeating
  • Improves digestion and helps prevent choking up of food, flatulence and twisting of the gut.
  • Suitable for all foods and water
  • Dishwasher-proof

Size guide:

Capacity Diameter
- Base -
- Inside Bowl -
400 ml 18 cm 15 cm
600 ml 22 cm 18 cm
1100 ml 26 cm 22 cm


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Latest user reviews

: 5/5
Great bowl but not for clever gobblers
Quality and the idea behind the design of this bowl are excellent, but the problem is that my clever gobbler figured the way around it in less than a week. Now it only looks like she’s getting more exercise moving around the bowl really fast. :)
: 3/5
Doesn't Work with my Dog!
Nice bowl, but it doesn't stop my dog from gobbling.
: 5/5
Slowed him right down!
My cat is very overweight because he gulps his food down and then harasses his siblings for theirs. This bowl has made him finish his food last, leaving the girls in peace. It's such a simple concept, but very, very useful.
: 5/5
no more sick
I have a very greedy selkirk who used to eat his food so fast he would sick it back every meal. I go so fed up of cleaning up sick i got this and a grain free biscuit and he hasnt been sick since. I am going to get two more for my young boys who also eat so fast they throw it up.
: 4/5
(Update) Good to very good
As an update to previous post - I tried the 0.6l bowl on our (smaller) medium sized cat and with the 0.6l bowl, as another reviewer found, our cat tended to hook out the wet food sometimes dispersing a piece over the floor unnoticed by him. A good product though for those it works with.
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: 4/5
Good idea but for small(er) cats
Our cat is on the small side of medium in size but couldn't or wouldn't eat his wet pouch food out of this 0.4l bowl, I didn't try dry food as I've got the Stimulo and the Northmate Catch. I like the idea of this Savic bowl so I'm going to try our cat with the 0.6l bowl (in the dog section) instead.
Originally published in
: 5/5
Does what it says it should
I bought this for my young cat who does a credible impression of a hungry hippo when eating biscuits - opens her mouth, shovels the food in and uses the far end of the bowl to push everything in! This bowl has stopped that, much to her disgust. The biscuits last a lot longer.
: 5/5
Gobble No More!
Fantastic product for encouraging your cat to slow down whilst eating. We have two very nervous rescue cats, one is larger and needed to go on a prescribed diet. We researched these type of dishes and found this one to be the best. She's lost weight and still has food left over! :-) The dish is solid, rubber bottomed, perfect size, easy to wash.
Originally published in
: 5/5
One of my cats is a speed eater if we give her good quality food, she will normally wolf it down before chewing, steal her brothers food because hers is gone and then regurgitate it all up because she's eaten too much. With this bowl she is now the last one to finish eating and actually spends time chewing it all up and hasn't got sick since! I would recommend using a placemat under it because she will sometimes pick out the food and chew it on the floor!
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: 5/5
Excellent product
We bought two of these to stop one of the greedy cats gobbling his own and his sisters food down. It has certainly done the trick and often we now find a dozen of so pieces of dry food left at any one time, so if he gets really hungry he can always pick it out. It has also had the strange affect of making his sister eat more food strangely enough. She always picked at her food but now seems to eat more, and almost enjoys eating trying to get the last few pieces out with her paws. Material is a strong plastic which is great, and not noisy when pouring food into it, or when in use. Highly recommended - great product!