21/03/23 | Ernes
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No results after a week

I bought this product to calm down my cat, especially at night, but after a week of use there was no change in behaviour. 1 capsule per day, at night or split in two morning/night with absolutely zero results. I even notice my cat more hyper at night, so not sure if this product is just a placebo. The capsule powder seems odour free which is good to hide into food, although tricks are required to avoid your friend to "see" the medicine.
31/05/21 | John Murtagh
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Didn't work for us

I bought these on the recommendation of our vet for our pointer/springer Cross as an alternativeto meds. He's hyper all the time barking at everything and can't be let off lead at all. Unfortunately they didn't work for us, if anything he was worse.