04/06/19 | Frances
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Definitely works if you give it time!

I have 7 cats and 3 of my girls all of a sudden starting marking outside litterbox and fighting and hissing, I was getting pretty desperate so I tried this , there was no change til week 2 or 3 but slowly I started to notice improvement, the biggest was my tiny grey tabby who was never affectionate has started to sit beside me and look for cuddles, I have had her for 2 years and she has never acted like this, the peeing has definitely reduced too but I’m attacking that with enzymes cleaners
26/07/18 | Sharon
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I am unsure if it’s this product or pure coincidence after using this product for a few days my boy Darley has become so loving. I’ve had Darley 10 years & he hated cuddles & just really put up with me, never sat on my lap he is a indoor cat a ragdoll supposed to be loving but not him. Since receiving this product I’ve finally found his inner Ragdoll such a different boy he is the only animal in this house but he did like to bully us humans not anymore love is what I get pure magic this product!
30/04/18 | Mrs B
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Give it time to work

Tried others that didn't work and this type previously BUT we did not try it for long enough. Cat plucking fur from legs not eating. Maine Coon bullying her. We have 3 we move them from room to room. She stopped plucking took 10 days. Much calmer Maine Coon less attacks on other cats. A happier home. You must get enough (it's only a diffuser) to cover the areas where your cats go.
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Feliway frends

Have used feliway for years for my two cats as the boy can get spiteful , Tried Feliway Friends they are much more calmer . Thank you feliway
28/02/17 | Sarah Burningham
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Excellent product

I have a multi cat household and my 2 girls have a bit of hostility between them, this product defiantly made a difference in my home, would recommend it for sure.
29/01/17 | Gem
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Helping friendships form

After adopting a second rescue cat we've had lots of problems getting the two cats to co-exist. Using feliway friends has been a key part of our strategy including spirit essences by Jackson Galaxy and play therapy with lots of patience. After 12 months we've finally got them both happily co-habiting. Never let my feliway friends diffusers run out now!
30/12/16 | Shannon
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Wow! No more hissing!

I used the regular Feliway before and I wasn't sure if it worked (was for a cat that peed on the carpet) but I got the Friends version now because I have 2 cats that always hiss at each other. 24 hours later, and if I pick them up and smoosh them together even, there's still no hissing!! We're living a happy and content life here now.
03/09/16 | Louisa Sanderson
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After a very unexpected two weeks stay in the vets, our cream Burmese returned to a very unhappy brother and sister. Two plugin Friends later - we are a much happier household! Perfect (purrfect) for any multi-cat household with strong characters like our brothers and sister. Excellent service with Zooplus as usual.
09/07/16 | Anne
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Changed everything for good

We have five rescue cats All got along ok however using Feliway friend our aloof cat is sociable now our elderly cat had started urinating outside her litter tray after vet visits to ensure she was well increasing the number if litter trays from 5 to 7 the felifriend was the answer she is far less reclusive they no longer hiss in fact they greet with a nose kiss now and play together we use upstairs and downstairs .Zooplus is the cheapest too.