Excellent product

This is an amazing product and calms my cat down as she is rather excitable and gets stressed easily. I find it works better than the regular feliway and would recommend it.

10/26/17 | Jean Summers


The Felisept plug has worked very well for us. My two cats were fighting all day long and one of them used the couch instead of the litter tray for urinating. I used Feliway before, which has not worked anymore the last two or three times. So, I found this and have tried it and can absolutely recommend it, because the behaviour has much improved. Thank you, 5*****!


Excellent product

This really does help keep my cat calm and relaxed, especially in stressful situations eg travelling as she is a very nervous cat as a rule. Very helpful would highly recommend.

04/16/17 | Mel

Really seems to work but doesn't last long

I have moved house and my 2 cats who don't get on particularly well have had to become inside cats. One of them occasionally urinates on the carpet. Feliway didn't work so tried this and it has so far been really good, but the plugs have run out after only 2 weeks, they get really hot and should come ready for the UK and without the bulky ugly adapter plug! Great product but so expensive to have a plug in every room, for it only to last 2 weeks! Please can they last longer and cost slightly less.


The CALM is restored.

Having two hand reared adult beautiful feline balls of fur, it was only a matter of time before their play turned to fighting. After using Feliway to no avail I realised that hand reared cats would not necessarily respond to maternal pheromones. I then tried Felisept as the scent is derived from catnip which my cats do respond to. After using this product for less than one month the calm was restored to my home. My cats settled enough to return to their energetic bouts of play without the claws and teeth.


at last

tried a lot of products and am happy with this one for my rescue tabby who is always on edge. This has done the trick

10/18/16 | maria smith

worked well

i have 2 rescue cats girls and they are anxious this time of year especially so was please with the positive results


Friends Once More!

My two Siamese cats (mother and daughter) had become very unfriendly with each other, often hissing, spitting, growling and chasing. As well as this behaviour, one (or maybe both) had begun 'territorial marking' up the walls etc. I tried the usual Feliway and Feliway Friends but it made no difference. I then sent for the Home Comfort diffuser and this seems to have done the trick. They are friendly once more and the marking has stopped. Be aware, though, that you need to send for the Home Comfort diffuser as it diffuses at a different rate to the Feliway. I did not realise this and initially used a Feliway diffuser which meant it only lasted about 12 days instead of the stated 30 days.