09/27/19 | Monika

Excellent product

Not gonna lie I didn’t had any hopes for it to work at first.. i have two bengal cats that are constantly at each others throats after all the research came up upon this order it and decided to give it a try.. its either this or crazy coincidence but every time i spray this around their beds and fuzzy toys my older fella that is the aggressive one calms down straight away..so each night i spray it around before bed and it does wonders.. i also ordered difuser hope it’ll work too

03/31/18 | Terri Smith

Kitty Valium!

We have two elder cats, aged 11 and 8, and two brothers aged 18 mths. I got this because the elders have a problem with the two boys and we would like to see them get along a bit better. My cats absolutely LOVE this stuff! It's almost like catnip because if I spray it on the rug, they rub all over on it and then just kind of lay there on it for a while. Will be buying more!

02/15/18 | Betty


All products used before had no or "sleepy" effect on my cats and did not change their fighting/territorial behaviour once woken up.I could not be more happy with Felisept ,my cats stopped fighting and they are more playful without looking dejected.However it has to be used on daily basis to have ongoing results.

10/02/17 | Liselle Barnsley

Peace at last after four years!

I had a pair of bonded Bengals and when one was killed, the remaining cat was distraught. Nothing we could do would calm him down. After four months, we thought a new Bengal kitten might help him get over his loss. Oh my, whatever did we do! We've had to endure over four years of screaming, hissing, fighting, jealousy, spraying, etc. on the older cat's part. With Felisept, at last, peace reigns in our household!


Try It!

I have had limited success with Feliway since a new kitten joined my other two ragdolls. The Felisept spray made a difference instantly. All cats are different and will respond to different things so give Felisept a try...you might be glad you did (I certainly am).


Cats really like the smell

I bought this in the hopes that it'll stop my male peeing in the house. I've tried numerous things in the past and none seem to work. Thought I'd give this a go too. It arrived in the post today. Sadly in had opened and spilled everywhere. A few min later I discovered both my cats rubbing up against and chilling out where the other items in the box had been. So for the moment I have to say the cats definitely responded to it well however it's too soon to tell if it'll stop my cat from peeing!

05/06/17 | Nush


I have 2 Siamese, one of them constantly over grooms leaving big bald patches. Since using this spray for the first time in years he has stopped!!!!!!!

02/17/17 | Tina

Fantastic does what it says

I have two Siamese sisters one was in the vets and arrived back home I sprayed with Felisept as one of them is the alpha female and always hisses and growls where there is a change in circumstances. This spray just totally calmed the situation and my dominant girl just rubbed her head and body every where and just totally relaxed never seen anything like it. I have tried other sprays and they were ineffective. Just ordered another one as we are about to introduce kittens.


It certainly seems to work

All 3 of our cats have a tendency to scratch furniture at times and spraying with this certainly seems to stop them AND it doesn't stink like some behaviour sprays do!! I'm going to keep using this



love this ! All i can say is it does the job effectively and naturally