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Smart Harness

This harness is mesh, and quite light weight. It looks smart on my savannah cat. He is trained to harness, but not to this vest type. Initially he resisted even putting it on. Once on, he flopped down sideways, as if stricken by a paralysing ray. He recovered only to wriggle out. He got used to wearing it for short periods. By day four he had become accustomed to the harness, and was comfortable walking with the lead. Delivered without the unneeded sticker.
08/07/15 | Cat Mum
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

Lovely cat harness but check your cat's measurements first!

I ordered this Trixie cat harness for my British Shorthair girl. She is quite a small cat so I thought the size would be a good fit. Sadly, she has a typically thick Shorthair neck so while the body of the harness fitted, it was too small around her neck. My fault - I should have measured the circumference of her neck first. It would probably fit a large kitten, an oriental breed or a more wiry, less thick set 'chunky' cat. The harness is well made, soft and sturdy with thick velcro fastenings and is adjustable. It is very cute in red ! I will be buying the next size up!