15/10/20 | Cosmin D.
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Totally recommend it!

Great harness. Easy to put on my cat, and not hard to adjust. I have been looking for such a harness for almost 6 months. The search ends here!
13/05/18 | Fiona Mosley
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Excellent idea, but my cat escaped!

We are planning to move up north so the cats will be in the car for at least 5 hours. The harness is a brilliant idea. I tried it out on one of my cats, tightened it up so it fitted snugly, then went for a drive. It took her 10 minutes to escape from the harness and climb onto my lap! I don't want them escaping while I'm on the motorway, so I have a contingency plan of a collar and lead in addition to the harness with the lead tied to the seat belt. Or else it's back to the cat basket!
catalog.explore.reviews.rating.accessibility.label: 5/5

I really like them

My cat is a small bread so adjusting straps leaves a lot of extra material but this is just my case, otherwise, harness stays well on the cat, easy to open and close (big clips) so I don't break nails and because the material is wide so the straps are not cutting into cats shoulder
24/04/17 | Karolyn
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My cat is so happy now he can sit on the front seat and see what's going on. He was ok in his cat carrier but he seems to love being in the car now he's sat next to me. There's a long enough lead attached so he can move around on the seat easily but it's short enough to ensure he's safe while I'm driving.
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I am using this harness with my Siberian Forest cat for the past 2 years now and am very happy with it. It's very easy to adjust and to put on and I'm using it both as a cat seat belt and, together with a cat lead I bought, as a walking harness. I especially like the padded section which comes to rest on the chest, as I feel confident that the harness doesn't chave or pinch. While hearing all sorts of horror stories from other cat owners about riding in the car with a cat in a carrier, my cat snuggles up in the back, secured with the seat belt adapter, and falls asleep. Great product, happy cat owner!
18/12/15 | carol steel
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the best car/buggy harness ever

I have used this harness for varying sized cats from 6 month old kitten to very large Norwegian forest cats. it is secure, easy to adjust and very sturdy. I have used it for both car and buggy trips and my cats like it far better than any other harness I have had before. it's really well made too. a really good buy. I really recommend it