06/25/18 | Jo G

Perfect for indoorcats to enjoy fresh air

I have 2 beautiful blue and black British Long Hair house cats of 1 yr old. Last summer, My husband used this netting to cover a made to measure wooden frame to fit our conservatory doors and kitchen door so that my beautiful little balls of fluff can get fresh air and lie by the open doors in the breeze....very successful idea and being able to open the doors in our hot weather is just perfect.
05/27/16 | Polly

Strong enough for a big cat to hang off!

My Dad used this mesh to make a door that slots into my juliette balcony so that my two sphynx can sunbathe. It's discreet from the outside of the building and strong enough for them both to climb on at the same time. Highly recommended.
04/18/12 | Becca

moving house

I used the other netting advertised in my windows so they could be open in summer which worked really well and over my small patio but in bad weather the patio netting hasnt lasted. Im moving house in a few weeks and Im going to invest in some of this stronger netting for the garden to stop my 5 cats straying, so many peoples cats disapear when they move house, I think this is a fantastic idea which makes like so much simpler and stops you having to keep your cats inside for a month against their will. It can also stop bigger cats coming into your garden and scaring your cat into staying inside and peeing in the house which is a problem my mum had with her cat.
10/09/11 | Richard Towell

Cat heaven

We bought 3 rolls of the widest net and joined them together to cover the back garden, a year later the net is still in perfect condition and our three cats have'nt bit though it. Great product, would recomend to anyone. Will post pics.
03/24/10 | Jinny L.

Good protection

It is a good products all in all! But my cat did manage to make a hole in one of the corners. She is really wild and very goal-oriented though! :P
03/24/10 | Sarah

Top product, worth a try

We use this net for our balcony and ot works wonders. it seems to be very sturdy and our cat couldn't bite through the mesh over 2 months now! It was pretty easy to install it, although it took me a while to figure it out. thanks!
10/27/09 | Ressu

Squirrel trap

Cats love it - squirrels don't. No problems with the cats at all, but the hole size of the net is too big for squirrels. They stick their heads through the holes and can't get off. The net has been installed for two weeks now and we have caught three dead squirrels and two survivors. The slightly smaller hole size could work so that the squirrels wouldn't get their heads through nets.
06/03/09 | David

fast delivery, top quality

I'm totally satisfied with this purchase. Setting it up on my balcony was effortless. Out cat Lilly really likes it and hangs off the wire all day long. Was amazed by the speed of delivery by zooplus.

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