04/21/20 | vania

Terrible and stinky

Very bad experience. the cats hate it and it leaves a horrible smell of ammoniac.

01/11/19 | Ian S

As good as expensive alternatives

Good litter that clumps but doesn’t expand. Does contain odour unless, like our Siamese, your cat doesn’t cover it. No dusty wet paw prints. I do flush with no problems. As it is plant based rather than clay.

11/05/18 | Michelle Pearce

Highly recommend!!

Have used Oko Plus Best for years, but needed to find a replacement after the product spec changed earlier this year and is no longer flush-able. Am extremely happy with this product. It does track, but clumps really well, covers the smell, is flushable and a good price compared to other products.

10/10/18 | Our cat haven

The best I've tried

I absolutely LOVE this litter, with 16 cats we have a lot of trays and this is the only litter that cleanly clumps and reduces smell effectively. It's easy to dispose of down the toilet or compost heap and great value for money. It's very clean and easy to deal with and I've tried all the types of litter and wouldn't change to another now.


The best

I was looking for an alternative for traditional bentonite clumping litter. And I found it. This stuff is amazing. It clumps beautifully. Has a subtle fragrance. Can be flushed down the toilet and doesn't create clouds of dust so it doesn't create mess. Doesn't stick to cat's paws and furr. My cat loves it. Highly recommended.


Really happy with this cat litter

Clumps brilliantly, not smelly at all. I was advised to get 'worlds best', but due to this one being much cheaper, I thought I'd give it a go. I worried about it not being that great due to it being cheaper, but I really am very happy with it!

09/06/18 | Orchidhouse Bengals

Didn't think it was possible to stop tracking everywhere until now

I've used Oko Plus Best littler for years. Loved it but the tracking through the house was so depressing. This litter is about 50% cheaper and the little pellets are probably about 50% bigger than those of oko plus, making it more difficult to get stuck on paws. I really have noticed a huge drop in litter all over the house. It clumps to make a hard cake, so I wouldn't flush it down the loo at all, despite being flushable, I wouldn't risk it. It covers poo-smells well too. Always a bonus. Happy.

08/04/18 | Josie Lipscombe-ridley

Best litter I've found

Doesn't track much compared to others, clumps well and smells ok



Having previously bought this cat litter and found it to be a good cheaper alternative to Cats Best Nature Gold, my recent bag of litter was incredibly dusty. I eventually resorted to sieving what was remaining in the bag. We've had two events of 'accidents' elsewhere in the house and I'm wondering if it's a result of a dislike of the litter. It clumps well, but maybe too well and does tend to stick to the bottom of the tray. I think I will pay that little bit more and return to Cats Best.

06/24/18 | Debbie Johnson

Ideal for a multi cat household !

Wow this litter is good, it clumps really well, making less waste, and it does not track across the floor anywhere near as much as other brands. It mides the small if you are out all day too.

06/17/18 | Barb


Best things about it: no tracking, nice hard lumps easy to scoop up Worst things about it: it really smells of ammonia in a very short time, flushing it blocks your toilet because it forms such hard lumps, it's hard to scoop up when it's stuck to the bottom and it would break a plastic scoop, I had never seen mould in cat litter before but wee lumps become actually mouldy in two days with this litter if you don't scrape the bottom carefully.

06/16/18 | cecile

very happy with this litter

I was looking for an eco-friendly litter that would also make my life easy. this ticks all the boxes! After an initial introduction where she thought this might be food, my cat is now happily using this litter for her business. It clumps well, disolves itself in the loo, and bits don't stick to my cat's paws so i don't have run after her with the hoover. A really good product. I have now been using this litter for over a year and am planning to continue doing so!


Now my permanent litter

When I 1st got cats I got the cheapest litter. It needed changing constantly & made my eyes water from the smell of ammonia. Nxt tried wood pellets. Was initially good but soon found was having to change it constantly too. I read so many reviews for different clumping litters I was going dizzy, so just took a chance & ordered this one. I will not change my litter ever again. No ammonia smell, easy to remove lumps & poop & does not need changing constantly. So much easier & 25l lasts 1mth.

06/03/18 | Darren Golding

Bag poor quality

The litter itself is very good, but the bag seems to tear easily and handles snap

05/02/18 | Amanda

What's that awful smell!!

I had high hopes for this litter, espcially for my kittens. To be honest it clumps beutifully, no dust fantastic and stays very clean BUT.....the smell is revolting! I would give this litter 5+ stars if it were not for the sour odour I can smell all over the house, even though the litterboxes are in the kitten room upstairs. Sea Breeze ..more like sour milk and meat!!

03/21/18 | Niki

Works brilliantly

I’ve spent some time trying to find a decent cat litter that doesn’t smell terrible and is cost effective. 1 week of using this litter and I’m sold, I’ll be using this from now on. It clumps everything up nicely and so is easy to remove and it’s amazing at reducing smells! Still a little bit of tracking but you really can’t complain!

03/07/18 | Wendy

Best non tracking litter!

I have tried many products and been disappointed with the quality of clumping and particularly the extent of tracking. Even Worlds Best was very disappointing. However, I’ve tried this corn litter for the first time. It’s fantastic! Hardly a grain outside the litter box for two indoor cats who are in and out of the box all day. The clumping is fine and easy to remove. I’m now going to order the large bag and will reorder in the future now I’ve found a truly decent product!


Tried many and this is the best by far

Combined with a top entry litter box I have reduced tracking to almost zero and that from 2 energetic cats. It is weird to get excited by cat litter but this stuff is great, light yet not bad at tracking, clumps brill, smells ok. Small amount of dust in the sack but like 95% less than the other litters I have tried and does not create a problem. Flushable but leave soaking for 10 minutes. All in all I am so happy with super benek clumping corn litter 100% 5 stars from me, always stock this one.

03/03/18 | Anne

Clumps well, cat took to it straight away

After getting fed up of the frequency with which I had to clear out my cat's non-clumping litter I thought I'd give this a try - it seemed reasonably priced and natural. Within a day cat was exclusively using the new litter and he completely disdains the old litter. On top of this the litter clumps really nicely and means I don't have to throw away anywhere near as much. Excellent purchase.

03/01/18 | Val

Simply brilliant litter!

Definitely one of the best litters we've tried so far: hardly any smell, doesn't track as much as other types (a bit more than wooden pellets though), hardly any dust and clumps really really well. Our two boys tried to eat it at first, so I added a little bit of their regular wooden pellets on top - it did the trick. Hopefully, they won't try to eat it again next time we do a complete change of litter. So far so good! Highly recommended!